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How To Get Coconut From The Island In Dinkum

Here is how you can get your own coconut in Dinkum.

Dinkum is a fun new Animal Crossing-esque game that players get to relax with. This game has players going out into the wild, capturing insects, raising farm animals, and more. There are tons of trees and other plants that you can get on and around the base island of the game. The more that you explore, the higher your skill level will go up. As you go further out, you will find certain foods and flora that can only be found on particular islands. Of course, you can bring these back and make them a renewable resource on your base island as well. One of these is the coconut. If you are looking to get a coconut in Dinkum then this is the guide for you.

How to Get a Coconut in Dinkum

How To Get Coconut From The Island In Dinkum

You will only find coconut trees on a tiny island that you will need to row to get to. Just go to the location shown on the map below. This is far from your main island but will give you tons of coconuts as a reward. Once you get to the island, you will find lots of coconut trees that you can collect from. You can do this by going close to each tree. The coconuts in the tree will just fall and you can left-click to pick them up.

How To Get Coconut From The Island In Dinkum

Now, you can go back to your island and bury the coconut on the beach shore. This will allow you to get the coconut without going to the island every time you need it.

It should be noted that these coconut trees grow the same as real ones IRL. This means that you will notice that they grow a little funny in comparison to regular crops. Not to worry though, this is perfectly normal coconut behavior and you will soon be able to harvest them when needed.

This was your guide on how to get the coconut in Dinkum. If you’re looking for other Dinkum hacks then check out this guide on the steps needed to get Cement in Dinkum.