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Dinkum: How To Get Cement

This guide features complete steps to get Cement in Dinkum.

Dinkum is a life-sim farming game that allows players to create their own civilization. This game includes many activities like farming, poultry farming, horticulture, and mining. The character in the game resides on an island. Therefore, resources are needed to build a habitat in the game. Building structures such as walls and buildings require cement as one of its resources. Here is how you can create a strong infrastructure using Cement in Dinkum.

How to Get Cement in Dinkum

How to get cement in Dinkum
Image Source – ShabbyDoo (Youtube)

Few equipment and tools are needed to get a bag of cement. It is possible to purchase the required items from John’s Good. John should be a permanent resident on your island so that you can purchase equipment. Complete his requests to make him a permanent resident of your island. Check out these points to get a bag of cement:

  • Stones collected from mines are used to make Cement.
  • To collect stones, you need a Mining License that is available at Fletch’s tent for 250 PP.
  • Go to John’s and purchase a Pickaxe for 1200 Dinks. Also, purchase a Stone Grinder for 10,000 Dinks.
  • Place the Stone Grinder near your house or anywhere you want.
  • Head to the mine and equip a Pickaxe to start collecting stones.
  • Take the collected stones near the Stone Grinder to insert them into it.
  • The Stone Grinder then processes the inserted stones to convert them into Cement.
  • As soon as the process completes, a bag of Cement pops out of the Stone Grinder.
  • Collect it to make it available in the inventory.
  • It is necessary to have a Landscaping License in order to make Cement Paths.
  • In order to obtain the landscaping license, you must pay Fletch 250 PP.

This is your guide to getting a bag of Cement in Dinkum. If you liked this guide make sure to check our detailed guide on how to get a Stone Grinder in Dinkum.