Grimoires Era: How To Get A Grimoire

Looking to get Grimoires so that you can take down all your enemies with ease in Grimoires Era? Here’s everything you need to do.

Players will be able to submerge themselves into the magical world of Grimoires Era. In this Roblox game, you can complete various quests and defeat tough enemies to quickly level up. Since battles are one of the main aspects of the game, you will have to learn to get a Grimoire.

This will help you to defeat all your enemies during combat. However, the process of getting this item is complicated and there is no in-game tutorial that will help you navigate your way. Therefore, here’s a location guide you can follow so that you can unlock these movesets and unleash its powerful abilities.

Where to Find Grimoires in Grimoires Era

You can get a Grimoire by interacting with the Grimoire Dealer in Grimoires Era
You can get a Grimoire by interacting with the Grimoire Dealer in Grimoires Era (Image – MrOTay on YouTube)

To begin this process of getting Grimoires in this game, players will have to get to the Grimoire Dealer. In order to get to him firstly, click on the Track Quest option that is towards the left-hand side of the screen. This will activate the arrows on your screen that will help you navigate your way to the Quest Giver.

This NPC can be reorganized as he will be situated next to the “BANDITS” wooden sign. Once you have located him, instead of approaching him, go past him and take a left when you see the wooden cottage.

From here, keep following the dirt road path. Now, take the first left and then a right turn, without going off the dirt road path. You will then have to cross over two bridges, one after the other. Travel in the same direction and you will spot the Grimoire Tower.

This tower will be surrounded by fluorescent green light. Enter the Tower and climb the staircase to get to the Grimoire Dealer. Interact with him and use your Grimoire Spins to get a Grimoire. If you are looking to get some more Spins for free use all the active Grimoires Era codes we have mentioned, and unlock several other special rewards as well. Lastly, here are all the Grimoires you can get –

  • Common – Regen, Reinforcement
  • Uncommon – Bronze
  • Rare – Fire, Water
  • Epic – Dark
  • Legendary – Wind
  • Mythical – Anti Magic

We have covered everything you need to know if you want to get a Grimoire in the Grimoires Era. If this is your current favorite game, make sure to stay updated about the latest codes, announcements, and events by checking out our Grimoires Era Trello link & Discord guide. Additionally, read about how you can fly and explore the game.