How To Fly In Grimoires Era

Wondering how you can easily fly and explore the magical world of Grimoires Era? Here is everything you need to know.

In Grimoires Era, players will be able to access all the features present in this exciting magical world. This Roblox game is inspired by the popular anime Black Clover. You can take on thrilling adventures and intense fast-paced combat.

Additionally, players can also learn how they can get the Broom so that they can unlock the flying ability. This will help you save time while exploring and you can smoothly travel from one place to another. If you are wondering how you can own this item and unlock this ability, here’s everything you need to know so that you can start flying.

How to Get the Broom to Fly in Grimoires Era

Before you get your Broom in Grimoires Era, make sure to pass the test with flying colors
Before you get your Broom in Grimoires Era, make sure to pass the test with flying colors (Image – codeshunterx4 on YouTube)

In order to start flying, you will first have to learn how you can unlock the Broom. However, before you begin this process, make sure you have enough in-game currency with you, as you will have to spend 2000 Yen to learn how to master this ability.

Now, in order to get this item, firstly go to the Daily Rewards section. Move past this area and cross the circle. Once you cross this area, towards the left, you will notice a couple of wooden barrels. Move past these barrels and keep going in the same direction. You will notice a big hill or mountain at the far end.

You will know you are following the correct path if you encounter a small lamp post. Once you are at the bottom of the hill, climb and get to the top. Here, you will be able to interact with the Broom Guy NPC.

Talk to him and he will offer to teach you how to fly for 2000 Yen. If you have the required amount, tap on ‘Try‘. This will trigger a mini-game and in order to get this ability, you will have to pass the test. The game is very simple, you will have to click on the left mouse button whenever the white line enters the red bar. Once you have won the game, you can use the Broom to fly by pressing the F key.

This is everything you need to know if you want to unlock the Broom and start flying in Grimoires Era. If you found this game interesting, don’t forget to check out all the active Grimoires Era codes and use them to redeem a bunch of freebies.