How To Get Golden Razz Berries In Pokemon Go (Farming Guide)

Take a look at all the ways to get Golden Razz Berries in Pokemon Go easily.

It’s not just you, many players out there are looking for the Golden Razz Berries in Pokemon Go. For those who are unaware, it provides certain buffs and makes your life easier in the game. However, obtaining them is not that easy and requires much of a grind. If you are already on the hunt to find this food item then we’ll help you ease up the process. For your convenience below we have mentioned all the ways to farm the Golden Razz Berry easily.

Where to Find Golden Razz Berries in Pokemon Go

Where to Find Golden Razz Berries in Pokemon Go
Picture Credits: Sly the Neko

In Pokemon Go you can get Golden Razz Berries by Winning Raids, Completing field & Special research tasks, & spinning PokeStop or Gym with Great Buddy. But before you start farming make sure you are at least a level 5 Trainer or else you won’t be able to receive the berries. For a better understanding, let’s take a look at the methods in detail.

Win Raid Battles

Raid battles are one of the best ways to get Golden Berry in the game. But to do that you’ll need the Raid Pass that can be obtained via Gym PokeStop. If you already have it, then simply go on raids and defeat the Raid Bosses and you’ll be good to go. Doing so rewards you with tons of XP, Rare Candies, TMs, and the Golden Razz berries you are looking for.

Complete Field & Special Research Tasks

In Pokemon Go completing certain Research tasks can also get you a good amount of Berries. So start completing the Field & Special Research Tasks and that’ll get you going. For those who are unaware, the Field Tasks can be obtained once per day by spinning the PokeStops. And the Special ones are requested by Professor Willow.

Spin PokeStops or Gym with Great Buddy

Another method that players can try to farm Golden Razz Berries is by spinning the PokeStops or Gym Photo Discs. But make sure you have your Great Buddy with you for a guaranteed drop of the berries. Bringing them along with also help you defeat the Pokemon you come across while spinning the Gym Photo Discs.

These are all the ways that you can try to farm Golden Razz Berries in Pokemon Go. If you’ve come across this berry for the first time, then scroll down for more details.

How to Use Golden Razz Berry? (Uses)

To use this Berries all you have to do is flick it towards the Pokemon and that’s it. This food can be used for various purposes in the game. Unlike normal Razz Berry it not only improves your catch rate but increases it by a good amount. So whenever you come across a wild Pokemon, simply feed it this Food and that’ll do the trick. On the other hand, feeding it will not heal your Pokemon but surely give them motivation during Gym battles. Moreover, players can even use it to increase their buddy level with their Pokemon and earn some Affection hearts.

That sums up all about how to get & use Golden Razz Berries in Pokemon Go. If you have already started the grind but running low on resources, then check out these Promo Codes for free rewards. Also, check out this Catch Rate guide to improve your hunting skills.