War Thunder: How To Get Golden Eagles

Here is a guide on how you can get your hands on the premium in-game currency Golden Eagles in War Thunder.

Earning Golden Eagles in War Thunder can help you avail premium benefits ranging from premium vehicles, and account membership to paint schemes, cosmetic options etc. In the multiplayer vehicular combat game players can take part in intense battles and fight off against other players with their preferred choice of combat. Golden Eagles will let you have that advantage against other players with vehicle modification and accelerated research as you progress through the game. There are various methods through which you can earn the currency in War Thunder. So if you are wondering how to get your hands on them in the game, then check out this guide further to know more.

How to Get Golden Eagles in War Thunder

get golden eagles in war thunder

Here is a list of all the methods through which you can get Golden Eagles in War Thunder:

Gaijin Store

The primary method through which players can get their hands on the premium currency is by purchasing it with real money from Gaijin Store. PlayStation and Xbox players can buy them in their respective stores. Players can also buy premium packs consisting of the currency along with premium vehicles & premium accounts. Given below is the list of all the individual prices and costs of some premium packs at the time of writing:

  • SU-39 Pack(2500 Golden Eagles) – 69.99$
  • M1 KVT Pack(2000 Golden Eagles) – 59.99$
  • 25000 Golden Eagles – 114$
  • 10000 Golden Eagles – 49.5$
  • 5000 Golden Eagles – 24.75$
  • 2500 Golden Eagles – 16.5$
  • 1000 Golden Eagles – 6.6$
  • 150 Golden Eagles – 0.99$

Events & Tournaments

There are frequent promotional events and tournaments within War Thunder, that players can participate. You will have to complete certain tasks and mission objectives in order to earn Golden Eagles in the game.

War Thunder Marketplace

War Thunder has a dedicated marketplace where players can buy and sell in-game items with other players in the game. Through these trades, you can earn the in-game currency called Gaijin Coins. You can sell your items accordingly to make more Gaijin Coins in the game. Once you have enough of them at your disposal, you can exchange them for Golden Eagles in War Thunder.

It is worth mentioning that the Golden Wager through which players could earn Golden Eagles earlier is unfortunately removed from War Thunder. So players won’t be able to get any premium currency through Wager in the game.

That’s everything covered on how to get Golden Eagles in War Thunder. Check out our guide on how to get custom skins and for more interesting guides like these check out our dedicated War Thunder section, right here on Gamer Tweak.