How To Get Gold In Warcraft Rumble (Farming Guide)

Here are some fastest ways to earn Gold in Warcraft Rumble. Alongside, you will also get some wisdom on best places to spend it.

To beat bosses in PvE or overpower your opponents in PvP, you must have the best Leaders and Minis in Warcraft Rumble. If you are already familiar with this realm of enchantment, then you know that they are all obtained for a price. And Gold is the resource you will need for that.

Our guide here features some of the best ways to earn Gold in Warcraft Rumble. So if you are looking to make some money in the most efficient way possible, make sure to stick to the end.

How to Get Gold Fast in Warcraft Rumble

The fastest and most reliable way to make Gold in Warcraft Rumble is by purchasing it. The in-game shop has various offers on Gold bundles. So you can visit there and navigate to get your budget-friendly offer.

How to Get Gold Fast in Warcraft Rumble
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Another way to earn Gold is by simply completing and replaying the Campaign missions. You can go over and choose whatever Boss you think is easy to beat again and again. Not only you will get Gold for it, but also get an opportunity to try out new strategies with different Leaders.

Aside from everything, Arclight Surges is the least known method of getting Gold in Warcraft Rumble. This time-limited event takes place twice a week wherein you enter an electrified zone to take out multiple bosses. This method ensures that you get at least 300-600 Gold each time you complete a zone. Also, make sure that you don’t miss out on participating in this event. In case you do, you will have to wait for 3 days until the Arclight Surges event starts again.

Where to Spend Gold in Warcraft Rumble

If you ask me, the best place to spend Gold is on Leaders. After that, you should spend this resource on getting new Minis or Units for your team. Most of you may not know but the G.R.I.D will only show you Talents or Upgrades for the Minis you already have. So make sure to bag the Minis that you don’t already have in Warcraft Rumble.

That covers everything for our Gold Farming Guide and some ways to spend it. For more information, make sure to check out our dedicated section for Warcraft Rumble Guides on Gamer Tweak.