How To Get Gold Bars In Pet Simulator 99

Looking for ways to make the Gold Bars and unlock more zones faster in Pet Simulator 99? Here is how you can do that.

To unlock Area 9 of Pet Simulator 99, you need 1 Gold Bar, but there is confusion on how to get it, and what happens to coins from now on. The simple answer is that they are just the compiled normal coins. The bar requirement will only increase as you unlock other zones, and when you go further than that, you will have even different versions of the currency. Similarly, they will be used for hatching pets from the level 16 egg.

In this guide, we have explained the currency difference and given ways to get Gold Bars fast in Pet Simulator 99. Apply the changes and get them quickly to advance areas and hatch your best pets.

How to Make Gold Bars Fast in Pet Simulator 99

Make Gold Bars Fast in Pet Simulator 99
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One million coins make one Gold Bar. Once you collect the required coins, they will automatically change into a bar, but making that amount of money can be a bit difficult, so use these tips and tricks:

  • Equip More Pets: They help you destroy the breakables and get the money or Gems faster than you do by tapping alone. You can increase the size of your pet team by unlocking slots from the Use More Pets machine. The machine can be found in the fourth zone, Green Forest.
  • Get Area Upgrades: Magnet, Tap Damage, and Coins Area upgrades are the ones you need to unlock using Gems whenever you find them. They will increase your earnings and help you make the Gold Bars faster.
  • Use Potions: Use Damage and Coins potions, one to increase the damage done by pets and another to increase coin earnings. The effect will differ based on the tier of the potion.
  • Use Items: Sometimes coin stacks and boxes drop items too. The items are consumables, which can be found in your inventory. Apple, Banana, Toy Bone, TNT, Magnet Flag, Coin Flag, and many others will either increase the pet damage or coin earning.

All Currency Values

Coins are just the basic currency, as you unlock more zones, you will need Gold Bars, Platinum Bars, and eventually Emerald Bars. Just save this chart to keep track of them:

  • Coin = 1 Coin
  • Gold Bar = 1 Million Coins
  • Platinum Coin = 1 Million Gold Bars
  • Platinum Bar = 1 Million Platinum Coins
  • Emerald Coin = 1 Million Platinum Bars
  • Emerald Bar = 1 Million Emerald Coins

That’s all you have to do to get Gold Bars fast in Pet Simulator 99. There are many interesting things in the PS99; if you have just started, you will find the Relics and Charm Stones useful.