How to Get Glowstone Shards in Drake Hollow

You might have crossed Glowstone Shards in Drake Hollow but not able to find it.

There are games where players require currencies and then there are games that require resources to progress. When it comes to Drake Hollow, players require craftable resources to grasp their hold in the game. Glowstone Shard is one such vital resource in Drake Hollow. They are one of the many craftable resources that can get you some really important tools. This guide will help you with how and where to get Glowstone Shards in Drake Hollow.

Drake Hollow: Where to Get Glowstone Shards?

As the name itself suggests, Glowstone Shards are glowing stones that you might have crossed several times while exploring but wouldn’t be aware of. Yes, you read that right. It is very easy to find Glowstone Shards in Drake Hollow. They are mined from the large purple-colored glowing crystals that are scattered across the world.

Unlike finding juice boxes that are majorly found in human locations like houses, these purple crystals can be found everywhere right from houses to forest to even rooftops. All you need to do to get Glowstone Shards in Drake Hollow is to hit these crystals. When you hit them, they will extract the Shards that you can collect easily.

Since you can easily find Glowstone Shards while exploring, you should not wait for a specific quest that will task you with collecting them. Instead, you should start gathering Glowstone Shards as soon as you begin to play.

Now you know how and where to get Glowstone Shards in Drake Hollow, so just start exploring the game and get on with building your beautiful village. You can also look for other resources such as juice boxes. They also are a useful resource in Drake Hollow. To put it simply, you can find juice boxes near human locality. To know more about it, you can read our guide on where to find juice boxes in Drake Hollow.