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Drake Hollow: Where To Find Juice Boxes

Find juice boxes easily.

When you will be out saving the vegetable folks in Drake Hollow, apart from just killing the beasts, you will need several craftable resources. These resources are as important to save the vegetables as killing the foes. One such resource that you will be looking for very soon in the game is juice boxes. It is a task early on in the game to find juice boxes in Drake Hollow to use it for crafting other items. If you are not able to locate where to find juice boxes in Drake Hollow, this guide is going to help you with just that.

How to Find Juice Boxes in Drake Hollow

If you go by logic, it is easy to know where you can get a decent amount of juice boxes. Juice boxes are not natural and can only be crafted. Hence, to find them, you will have to head on straight to a nearby human locality. You can visit any locality or houses to find juice boxes.

Once you find a locality, all you need to do is look for huge boxes either around or within the house. These boxes contain the juice boxes in Drake Hollow, along with many other items. There’s no certainty how much juice boxes you can find at a given location. If you don’t get enough from one house, you can search for more in others. But one thing that will remain common is that you will always find the juice boxes in similar places and boxes. So all you have to do is keep a lookout for huge boxes that can be broken and opened.

That’s basically the places to head on to find juice boxes in Drake Hollow. If you are looking for more such guides, you can visit our guide section. Our guide section is filled with very handy tips and tricks for multiple games that can give you an advantage over other players.