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How To Get Glimr In World Of Warcraft

Get the Glimr battle pet.

Getting a few selected Murlocs as pets have been long allowed by Blizzard; however, a new purple-colored Murloc named Glimr is available for players to add to their collection. As with other Murloc pets, you have to complete a long and complex quest to get the pet. The quest to get Glimr is distributed into two smaller quests that are located in the Northrend area. In this guide, we will walk you through a step-by-step process to get Glimr in World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft: How to Get Glimr Battle Pet


You have to complete two quests named the Glimmerfin Scale quest and Glimmerfin Tribe quest to get Glimr. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you need to progress with the quests to get Glimr.

Glimmerfin Scale

The entire quest begins from the Venture Bay location at the Grizzly Hills zone. Simply head to the location and fly over the glaciers in search of Glimmerfin Scout, an NPC character. When you find Glimmerfin Scout and try to go close to it, it will flee. The NPC will drop a Glimmerfin Scale while hurrying to fly.


The Glimmerfin Scale will disappear shortly after the NPC runs away. However, it will respawn at the same location within a few minutes. Interacting with the Glimmerfin Scale will begin the first half of the quest. There might be a huge number of the population trying to get their hands on the Glimmerfin Scale. Hence, you can try less populated servers to find lesser competition.

The first task in the Glimmerfin Scale will be to head to King Mrgl-Mrgl in Borean Tundra. When you interact with the king, he will suggest befriending a Murloc group by looting and bringing Meaty Crab Chunks from crabs nearby the Venture Bay area.

Glimmerfin Scale quest in world of warcraft


You will have to go underwater to get the Maty Crab Chunks. Hence, it is recommended to take along some Water Breathing Elixirs for help. Alternatively, you can swim back up to the top for air. Once you have 10 Crab chunks, head to meet the group of Glimmerfin Murlocs who are market with the quest marker. This will end the first half of the quest.

Glimmerfin Tribe Quest

Once you have reached the Glimmerfin Murloc’s location interact with Glimmergut, the leader. It will receive the Crab Chunks and then ask you to get a Pile of Blubberfat from Horker. Blubberfat is a seal on the nearby surface, and getting a pile of it won’t be that difficult.


Complete glimmerfin scale quest in world of warcraft

When you bring back the seal, a new quest arises tasking players with getting a Giant Pearl from deep water guarded by Gem-Eyes. Consider using a Druid or use underwater mounts to get the Pearl as it is located below the fatigue boundary.

complete glimmerfin scout quest in world of warcraft

Once you get back the Giant Pearl, your next challenge will be to defeat Trainer Grrglin. Grrglin is a Murloc pet battler and uses Critter and aquatic pet as an attack. Hence, using flying and beast pets will be useful.

defeat the great muakin in world of warcraft

Next, you have to collect 3 piles of seaweed. They are located in Fatigue waters. Be careful here as seaweeds are electrified. If you touch them directly, they will deal significant damage to you. Hence, you will have to avoid their strands to get past and collect the required items.

When you bring back the 3 piles of seaweed, you will proceed to the last part of the quest. Glimmerscale Oracle will for the last time ask you to prove your strength against the Great Mua’kin. Mua’kin is a level 50 Makura lobster boss. He uses three abilities called Claw Crack, Sand Smash, and Spiked Carapace. You can opt to defeat Mua’kin single-handedly or as a team.


Defeating Great Mua’kin will grant you a cracked egg as a reward. The cracked egg is of Glimr. Now, you can summon Glimr from the egg whenever you want.

That’s how you get Glimr battle pet in World of Warcraft. While here, you can read our guide on how to get to Nazjatar, a new area added to World of Warcraft. You can also read where to find weapon trainers in WoW Classic.