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How To Get To Nazjatar In World Of Warcraft

If you are wondering how to get to Nazjatar in World of Warcraft, get all your queries answered in this guide.

World of Warcraft is back with a bang. The latest patch update 8.2 adds two areas in the Kul Tiras map. The two areas are Mechagon and Nazjatar. Mechagon and Nazjatar are both located at the far edges of the Kul Tiras. Hence, how to get there becomes a huge question. In this guide, we walk you through everything that you need to know about how to get to Nazjatar in World of Warcraft while leaving the first area for some other guide.

World of Warcraft: How to Get to Nazjatar


A questline on Banshee’s Wail will be added to the latest patch. The quest should be available near Boralus while playing as Alliance and Port of Zandalar while playing as Horde. Upon completing the quest, you will be sent to Nazjatar. Your spawn location depends on your affiliation in the game.

Once in Nazjatar, you will need to complete the intro quest. This will open up a portal that will sort of act as a fast travel point in the game. The portal for Alliance players opens up between Mezzamere and Boralus. On the other hand, the portal for Horde players opens up between Newhome and Zandalar.

This portal will allow you to get to Nazjatar in World of Warcraft easily and return back from there as and when required.


can't gat back to Nazjatar

World of Warcraft: How to Return Back to Nazjatar

There can be an instance in the game that you return from Nazjatar without completing the intro quest and opening the portal. In such a scenario, the game will stop you from returning to Nazjatar through the portal. Then how do you get to Nazjatar? Does that mean you can never go back to Nazjatar and enjoy the newly added content? Well, that’s not how it goes.


Even if can’t get back to Nazajatar through the portal, there is another way to head back there. All you need to do is open the map and head to the location marked with a large gold arrow. The Alliance players need to open up the map of Boralus and the Horde needs to open up Dazar’alor map. Open the map, follow the location, and you can easily get back to Nazjatar in World of Warcraft.

Now you know exactly how to get to Nazjatar in World of Warcraft and how to return back to it if the portal is not opened. You can read some of our other useful guides on the World of Warcraft game. Find below some of the recent ones that can help you progress quickly in the game.

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