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How To Get Glide In Gotham Knights (Steps To Unlock Glider)

Here's how you can unlock the Glide ability in Gotham knights easily.

Gotham Knights game is finally out now and available for all players globally. This is the first Batman game that you’ll come across without Batman being in it. However, the rest of the things will surely make you feel at home in Gotham City. So simply start Grappling around the city and stop as much as crime you can. However to cut down the travel time you can always use the Gliding ability in the game. If you haven’t obtained it yet, then we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process to unlock & Glide ability in Gotham Knights easily.

How to Get Glide Ability in Gotham Knights?

How To Unlock Glide Gotham Knights

In order to unlock the Glide ability in Gotham Knights the player will need to complete some Knighthood Challenges. For your reference, we’ve mentioned all the required objectives in the article below.

  • Timed Strike Training
  • Stop 10 Premeditated Crimes (One Step Ahead)
  • Defeat 3 Mini-Bosses (Against All Odds)

Players can easily access these objectives from the Challenges tab. After completing them you will simply need to head to Belfry and interact with Batman Shrine to activate the Glider. However in order to unlock this ability for all the characters the player will require to complete these challenges 4 times. For those who are unaware, not all characters have the same gliding ability. So scroll down to check out the list of abilities the characters have in the game.

List of All Characters Heroic Travel

Here’s a list of all the character’s Heroic Travel abilities that you can unlock in Gotham Knights.

  • Batgirl: As the name goes, the Batgirl has the same ability as Batman, which is to Glide by using the Cape.
  • Red Hood: This character uses his Mystical Leap ability to travel around the city.
  • Nightwing: This character also uses the ability to Glide in Gotham Knights by using his Flying Trapeze.
  • Robin: Robin uses the Portals to travel and stop crime around the city.

That sums up everything about how to unlock the Glide ability and the list of Heroic Travels in Gotham Knights. While you’re here check how to do Timed Strikes in the game.