ASTD: How To Get Gems And Gold Fast

Learn the best ways to get Gems and Gold fast in ASTD.

Are you looking for ways to get Gold and Gems fast in ASTD, then look no further. Like every Roblox game, the currencies play an important role in All Star Tower Defense. You can summon new and strong Units, PvP Bosses, Orbs, and much more with Gems. But getting them is not an easy task. To help you out, we will list down the best methods to farm Gems and Gold in All Star Tower Defense.

How to Get Gems and Gold Fast in ASTD

Grind Story Mode to get Gems and Gold Fast
Image Source: Jenkz on Youtube

There are several ways to farm currency in All Star Tower Defense. The best way to get Gold and Gems fast is to complete Story Mode. Make sure you collect all the Gems in the Codes first. Alternatively, you can also farm Gems through the Daily Login Bonus, and Regular Tasks in Infinite Mode.

Let’s get into the details of each method.

Method 1 – Story Mode

The Story Mode is the best method to farm Gems and Gold in ASTD. If you’re a new player, grind this mode alone or with a higher-level friend. For completing every level, you will get 20 Gems. And for repeating a level, you will get 4. Moreover, if you play in Extreme Mode, you will get more Gold.

Method 2 – Redeem Codes

Almost every Roblox game has codes that you can redeem and ASTD is no different. The devs release these codes to celebrate milestones and help players. If you’re unaware of them, then visit this guide to get all the free rewards.

Method 3 – Daily Login Bonus

This method is self-explanatory. For logging in every day, you will receive free rewards. This is one of the easiest ways to make some Gold and Gems in ASTD.

Method 4 – Complete Regular Tasks in Infinite Mode

By completing certain feats mentioned in the Regular Tasks, you can collect rewards. And since you can fight endless waves in the Infinite Mode, it’s the best place to complete the Regular Tasks. Once you complete a task, you will get rewards and the same task with a higher objective. For example: Once you complete a task to defeat 5 waves, you will get another task where you have to beat 10 waves, and so on.

Method 5 – Free Gems and Gold in the Time Chamber

The final method we recommend to make Gold and Gems is the Time Chamber. Here, you can go AFK to earn free currencies. However, you will be kicked out of the lobby for going AFK for more than 20 minutes. To tackle this problem, you can use Auto Clicker software. This way, you can stay in the Time Chamber overnight.

That’s all from us on how to get Gold and Gems fast in ASTD. For more such content like How to Level Up Fast, make sure you visit our Roblox section.