How To Get Free Lives In Royal Match

One of the most important parts of Royal Match is to save and get as many free lives as possible. Since solving puzzles won’t be easy, you might need to preserve these for the tough levels. Although there is a set count for lives for each level, having more is never really harmful.

There are a handful ways to get more chances in the game and if you follow them, you might not even have to look for any cheats in Royal Match. Since each life replenishes after 30 mins, waiting is a valid option but that’s not what you would want if you are engrossed in the game. So, here are some steps that you might find absolutely useful.

How to Farm Free Lives in Royal Match

How To Get Free Lives In Royal Match
Image Source: Chris Tech Guide (YT)

Before you go through these, note that the option for Free Lives unlocks after level 21 in Royal Match. However, there is a way through which you can get more chances and for that, you will have to farm more coins.

If players select the Heart option on the top, they will be able to check their remaining lives. Along with that, they will get two options, Free Lives and Refill. If you select the first option, you will find that joining a team gives you extra lives to use. The second option is to replenish using gold coins and that would be a helpful option since you only have to part ways with 900 coins.

Apart from that, it’s also a wise option to keep your eyes on daily rewards and other freebies that could not only provide you extra lives but also coins. Also, players need to look into Area Chest and complete Bonus Levels to get more exciting rewards.

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