How To Get Freeoon Network Game On

Looking for some free cosmetic items for your Roblox Avatar, then check out the Cartoon Network Game On giveaways.

Now players can get free items for their Roblox avatar just for playing the Cartoon Network Game On. In this game developed by Cartoon Network Games, you’ll get to see your favorite cartoon-themed islands that you can play on. Every island features different XP types, level progression, and tons of minigames to play with your friends. Surprisingly, the task to get the items are pretty easy and can be done quickly. With that being said, let’s check out the cosmetics you can unlock for free in Cartoon Network Game On.

How to Unlock Free Cosmetic Items in Cartoon Network Game On


Currently, the Cartoon Network Game On is giving away free Gumball Glasses & Teen Titans Go Head-Raven items. And players can get both of them by fulfilling the following requirement. To get the Gumball Glasses you’ll have to reach Gumball Level 10. But for the Teen Titans Go Head-Raven, you simply have to wait until the 24-hour countdown is over. Yes, it’s that simple, both items are present in the treasure chest located in front of the spawn point. For better understanding below we have mentioned some more details that you should take a look at.

how to unlock Gumball Glasses Requirements roblox Cartoon Network Game On free

Gumball Glasses Requirements

To unlock Gumball Glasses you’ll have to collect Gumball Island XP and reach Gumball Level 10. Once done simply interact with the chest with Gumball Glasses hovering over and that’ll do the trick. The XP can be identified by its rainbow color. Players can even speed up the XP farming process by playing Minigames or just picking up the XP by running through them.

how to unlock Teen Titans Go Head-Raven Requirements Cartoon Network Game On free

Teen Titans Go Head-Raven Requirements

Teen Titans Go Head-Raven is one the easiest to get free items in Cartoon Network Game On. As mentioned earlier, you can unlock this item by waiting for 24 hours. Players don’t need to wait in the game, they just have to activate the countdown and that’s it. To trigger the timer walk near the Treasure chest with Teen Titans Go Head-Raven hovering over it.

That’s all we have on how you can get free cosmetics items in Roblox Cartoon Network Game On. If you play such games quite often then you’ll surely enjoy our other Roblox game guides. And for more tips & tricks keep visiting Gamer Tweak.