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How To Get Forge Points In BedWars (Farming Methods)

Think twice before investing your Forge Points in any weapon or armor in BedWars.

If you want to use the new Forging mechanic in Roblox BedWars, then you’ll need plenty of Mastery aka Forge Points. This is the new block where players can easily unlock new weapons and armor. Once you unlock the item you can further upgrade it up to 5 stars level which will further buff its stats. However do note, the cost of doing so will keep increasing after every upgrade. So ensure that you have stacked up enough Forging points to unlock all weapons, armor, and their following upgrades.

How to Farm Forge Points in Roblox BedWars

How to Farm Forge Points in Roblox Bedwars
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At the time of writing, players can only get Mastery / Forge Points by leveling up their Match level in Roblox BedWars. So every time you level up you get 1 point that can be used in forging items. You can identify your Match Level by the yellow bar located beneath your red HP bar on the bottom side of your screen. After reaching a certain level, leveling up and gaining points will get difficult. In this case, you need to be mindful before forging and upgrading any item. On the other hand, it is also advised to farm Level XP in order to increase the Match level to stack as many as points you can.

As a relief, gaining Level XP in BedWars is pretty easy, there are various things that you can do to farm it such as. Defeating enemies solo or with friends, destroying other players’ Beds, completing daily or weekly quests, and many more. The game even rewards you with 25 XP for every minute you wait or do nothing. Once the yellow bar is filled you’ll automatically gain a level and some Forge points. For your convenience, we will keep updating this guide if any new farming methods come to light. So go ahead and bookmark this article to avoid missing out on any updates.

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That covers all about how you can farm Forge / Mastery points in Roblox BedWars easily. If you haven’t got your hands on the Void Crystals yet, then check out how you can get it. Also, take a look at our Promo Codes sections to get free rewards in such Roblox games.

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