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How To Get Fire Arrows In Zelda Ocarina Of Time

This is where you can find the fire arrows in Zelda Ocarina of Time.

Fire arrows are quite useful and the first upgraded arrow that you get in Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. But the process of unlocking it is very unclear. And even after knowing what to do many people still face trouble spawning it. So here is how to get and use them and what to do when they don’t spawn or to get them early.

How to Unlock Fire Arrows in Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Zelda Ocarina of Time Get Fire Arrows
Image Credit: LegendofLink on YouTube

You get the fire arrows by shooting an arrow at the rising sun while standing on the platform with the stone tablet after beating the water temple. It can be found at Lake Hylia, but you will first need the Fairy bow for it. You can get it from the Forest Temple. Now if you have completed the Water Temple this is what you should do:

  1. Go to the Platform with the Stone tablet.
  2. Read the tablet it says: “When water fills the lake, shoot for the morning light.”
  3. Filling the lake is easy as it is automatically done when you beat the Water Temple, and for the morning light, you need the help of the sun.
  4. Wait for the sun to rise, you can speed it up by playing the sun song.
  5. Once the sun starts rising above the horizon aim your bow at it. Make it such that it is also between the two pillars on the mini-island in front of you.
  6. Now, shoot your arrow.
  7. A cutscene will play now showing fire arrows descending on the island.
  8. Finally, swim over to them and collect your Fire Arrows.

Can’t Get Fire Arrows in Zelda Ocarina of Time Fix

There are mainly two reasons why you can’t get Fire Arrows. You would either be shooting incorrectly, or you didn’t beat the Water Temple. Here is why they might be an issue:

  • Beating the Water Temple: Completing this temple fills up Lake Hylia with water. You can then use it to swim to the mini-island.
  • Shooting correctly: Try not to shoot too early or too late. The best time to shoot is when the sun just passes the horizon.

Can you Get them Early?

You can get Fire Arrows slightly early with the help of the Scarecrow song. Progress the Water Temple until you get the Longshot. Now, go back and unlock the Fire arrows by shooting at the morning sun. Next, stand on the edge of the platform with the tablet and play the Scarecrow song. Use your Longshot on him to get to the mini-island and you will get these arrows before completing the Water Temple.

How to Use Fire Arrows

You need to equip your fire arrows first before you can use them. Now, shoot them like you normally do your arrows. If you hit your target it will catch fire. Each time you use these arrows a little bit of your magic gets used.

That’s everything you should know about Fire Arrows in this game. And if you want more on it, you should also check our guide on how to get Epona.