How To Buy & Equip Skins In Roblox Anime Showdown

Find out how you can purchase and equip Skins in Roblox Anime Showdown easily.

In Roblox Anime Showdown you can not only get your favorite character but also equip them with some skins. However, not all skins are available for free and will surely cost you tons of Coins & Gems. Also note, that they only serve the purpose of being a cosmetic item and don’t have any special abilities. If you have collected enough in-game currencies and looking forward to spending them, then we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to buy & equip Skins in the game.

How Can I Get & Equip Skins in Anime Showdown?

How Can I Buy & Equip Skins in Anime Showdown?
Picture Credits: OP GAME GUIDES

In Roblox Anime Showdown to equip skins first buy some from the Skin Shop located in the lobby. However, players won’t be able to purchase the skins up front. They’ll first have to interact with the Cashier and then buy one of the chests according to their preferences. There are various types of Chests available in the shop, that you can purchase using in-game Coins or Gems. For your reference below are all the chests and their cost you’ll get to see in the shop.

  • Coins Shop
    • Regular Chest contains 1 random skin available for 250 Coins.
    • Large Chest contains 5 random skins available for 1,250 Coins.
    • Colossal Chest contains 10 random skins available for 2,500 Coins.
  • Gems Shop
    • Lucky Chest contains 1 random skin available for 50 Gems.
    • Large Lucky Chest contains 10 random skins available for 500 Gems.
    • Colossal Lucky Chest contains 20 random skins available for 1,000 Gems.

As you can see the character’s skins drops are random, so there’s a chance of getting a duplicate one. Now that you have successfully bought skins let’s see how you can equip it in Anime Showdown.

How to Equip Characters Skins?

Purchase & Equip Skins In Roblox Anime Showdown
Picture Credits: iBeMaine

To equip a skin all you have to do is click on the Characters button located in the bottom right corner of the game. Doing so will bring up a characters menu along with the table consisting of all the skins you have. Simply navigate to the character whose skin you own. And then make sure you click on the Select button to equip the character before you equip a skin. Or else the skin selection process will not work. Once done equipping the Skin of your choice, head into a battle and keep grinding to climb up the ladder in the Leaderboard.

That sums up all about how you can get & equip Skins in Roblox Anime Showdown. If you are running low on coins or gems then check out the working redeem codes for free rewards. Also, take a look at the Trello Link & Discord Server to know more about the game.