Anime Showdown Trello Link, Wiki, And Discord Server

Get the latest information about Anime Showdown through Trello Link, Wiki, and the Discord Server.

Looking for Anime Showdown Trello Links, Wiki, and Discord server? Then this guide is all you need where we will cover everything you need to know. In this PvP experience by MelonRevenue, you can select from several popular anime characters to battle it out. And to master any PvP game, you must know its mechanics, map, and all other factors. Now apart from learning while playing, you can refer to helpful sites like Trello to learn them beforehand. And to help you out, we will list down all the helpful Anime Showdown links.

Anime Showdown Trello Link

Anime Showdown Trello Board interface

Here is the official Anime Showdown Trello Link:

What is Anime Showdown Trello Link?

Trello is a software where you can create digital boards to distribute the latest information about a certain topic. To help new players and keep old players updated, Roblox devs create Trello boards with all the information about the game. The Anime Showdown Trello link includes:

  • Introduction to Combat
  • Coins
  • Gems
  • Emotes
  • Skins
  • Game Modes
  • Elo System
  • Labels

Apart from that, it also includes Map and Character information. This will help you learn the attacks and moves of the characters before entering a match.

Wiki Link

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the Anime Showdown Wiki link does not exist. But we will update this guide as soon as it is available.

Anime Showdown Discord Server Link

Here’s the official link for Anime Showdown Discord Server:

If you are an active player, then you must join the Discord server. Here, you can meet and interact with players sharing your passion for the game. Moreover, you can chat with them to share your fun experiences. Another advantage of being a part of the server is that you will get the latest updates about the game. Be it information about new patch notes or server shutdown details, you will get it right here.

That’s everything from us on Anime Showdown Trello Link, Wiki, and Discord Server. While you’re here, make sure you check out the Codes guide to get free rewards.