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How To Get Discord On PS4? [2022]

Here's our guide on everything to know about Discord on PS4.

What’s an opinion that stands on a common ground for all gamers? That Discord is one of the best software out there for gaming and streaming. Discord has been expanding beyond the horizon while giving the best VOIP service to its users. Although PlayStation offers PS chat parties for the players to connect with their friends, it is not quite up to the Discord mark yet. One question that has been bugging all the PS4 players is how to get Discord. So, without any further ado, here’s our guide featuring everything to know about Discord on PS4.

Is Discord Available on PS4?


As of now, the answer to that question is NO. Although there are several workarounds to use Discord on PlayStation, it does not officially support Discord. But there are definitive and absolute plans for the PS and Discord integration soon. Why do I affirm that? Because recently a Reddit user posted a screenshot of the PlayStation icon on their Discord Connections.reddit ps logo discord connections

The PS icon can be seen right left to the Reddit icon in the Discord Connections. Although the icon is visible, you cannot connect with the PlayStation as the feature to integrate with Discord is not out yet. Discord offers integration with several other apps such as Steam, Spotify, and Twitch.

Last year in May, Sony’s President Jim Ryan also confirmed the collaboration of Discord and PS to enhance the gaming and social experiences of PS users in his blog post. With this official integration, players will finally be able to use Discord while playing on their PS consoles. While there are so many things I am excited about, we will have to wait for a while to see all the features of this integration. Recent movements indicate that the integration between Discord and Sony is about to go live sooner than expected.


We will update this article as soon as we get any word of this merger between Sony and Discord. If you liked this info, make sure to check out our other Discord Guides, Tips, and Tricks right here on Gamer Tweak.