How To Get Dark Link Armor In Zelda BOTW

Karan Pahuja
3 Min Read

Zelda BOTW has a very cool easter egg, and that is it lets you play as Dark Link when you equip the Dark armor. He was first introduced as the final boss of Zelda 2 for the NES. But he also appeared in the infamous Water Temple in Ocarina of Time. And the reason he is one of the most well-known villains in the game is that he knows all of Link’s moves. So fighting him was never easy, but what somewhat is, is getting this armor.

How to Get the Dark Link Armor in Zelda BOTW

how to get dark link armor in zelda botw

You can buy the Dark Link Armor from Kilton for 3997 Mon. And most importantly, you also need to have defeated all 4 Divine beasts. Now you might wonder who Kilton is and what exactly is Mon. Don’t worry consider this like a side quest. Here is everything you need to do for it:

  1. Start by changing your time to Night. Kilton only appears between 9 PM and 5 AM.
  2. Fast Travel to the Zuna Kai Shrine in skull lake.
  3. Glide from here to the left eye of what looks like the skull. You should be able to see a multi-colored balloon cart from the top.
  4. Talk to Kilton and tell him that you “ADORE monsters”.
  5. You now unlock the Fang and Bones shop that you can find outside major villages or places like Kakariko Village, Hateno Village, Zora’s Domain, and more.
  6. Find his shop and talk to him.
  7. He will explain to you about the currency that he came up with, which is Mon. You can earn Mon by selling monster parts that you collect throughout the game.
  8. Finally, after you have defeated all 4 divine beasts go back and talk to him and he will have the Dark Armor parts available. You can buy them for:
    • Dark Hood: 1999 Mon
    • Dark Tunic: 999 Mon
    • Dark Trousers: 999 Mon

Wearing this armor gives you a speed boost but only at Night. But that isn’t the only thing it is useful for. Its actual fun comes from watching the NPCs’ reaction to you wearing it.

Now you can roam around scaring most NPCs that you come across in your new Dark Armor. Since you are already looking like a character from Ocarina of Time you should also get Epona to enjoy that game within BOTW.

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