Soulmask Crude Salt: How to Get and Use Material

Crude Salt is needed in various recipes and you will need it earlier in Soulmask. Here’s where you can find this material easily.

Sooner or later, you will come across a recipe that will require using a Crude Salt in Soulmask. This food item is one of the many ingredients you will be needing to garnish dishes on your platter. So you can expect yourself to go on a quest to find this material in the open-world environment earlier in the game. However, since one of the core aspects of this game is survival, you will have to forge your own way to finding Crude Salt. For your reference though, here’s a guide that explains how to obtain Crude Salt and use it for cooking in Soulmask.

How to Get Crude Salt in Soulmask

How To Get And Use Crude Salt In Soulmask

The easiest way to obtain plenty of Crude Salt in Soulmask is by invading an enemy Salt Pan. They are found near the seashore but are heavily guarded by enemy NPCs. So before you get to a Salt Pan, make sure to clear out those who are guarding it. It would be better if you kill them from a distance using a bow and then enter.

Once you find the Salt Pan, simply go to it and use your pickaxe to break it down. Each time you hit it with your pickaxe, you will collect hundreds of Crude Salt. That’s it, you can now get a decent supply of Crude Salt in Soulmask for yourself. Now to make this task even easier, here are a few locations where you can find Salt Pans:

Salt Pan (Flint Tribe)

crude salt location in soulmask

Salt Pan (Fang Tribe)

crude salt location in soulmask

Crude Salt can also be obtained after cooking (or refining) Salt Mine on a Cooking Stove. Salt Mines can be found anywhere like in enemy camps, mines, etc.

Now that you know how to obtain Crude Salt, let’s take a look at the recipes that use this ingredient.

How to Use Crude Salt in Soulmask

Following is a list of recipes that use Crude Salt:

  • Refined Salt
    • Recipe: x2 Crude Salt and x1 Lime
  • Chili Sauce
    • Recipe: x1 Crude Salt and x2 Chili
  • Glass
    • Recipe: x2 Crude Salt, x2 Lime, and x5 Silica Sand
  • Sauced Meat
    • Recipe: x4 Crude Salt, x2 Chili Sauce, and x1 Cooked Meat
  • Premium Jerky
    • Recipe: x4 Crude Salt and x2 Premium Fresh Meat

The above is what you can make using Crude Salt in Soulmask. Make sure you have unlocked a Cooking Stove as making them would require this appliance. Aside from salt, Cotton, Clay, and Corn are a few other materials that are important to locate during your playthrough. So be sure to check out our guides on each one of them.