Anime Adventures: How To Get Cosmetics

Here is how you can unlock Cosmetics and enjoy bragging rights in Anime Adventures

Cosmetics are in-game character skins that make your character stand out and look attractive in Anime Adventures. You can enjoy bragging about your character skins among your friends and fellow players in the game. However, Cosmetics only change visual characteristics and do not give you any additional benefits. Players are always eager to unlock more Cosmetics for their characters to enjoy this game better. So, here are some ways you can use to get them.

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How to Get Cosmetics in Anime Adventures

Cosmetics In Anime Adventures

Players can get Cosmetics in Anime Adventures in many ways. You can get them by following the steps below:

  1. Buying the Battlepass worth 799 Robux can get you some Cosmetics. You can find limited edition Cosmetics in this pass.
  2. Completing Portal events can also help you get Cosmetics.
  3. You can also get them in Summon through Banner Tiers. These Tiers are unlocked depending on player level.
    Player Level 0 to 5: Banner Tier 0 – Shiny and Secret Units are locked
    Player Level 5 to 20: Banner Tier 1 – Shiny Units are unlocked
    Player Level 20+: Banner Tier 2 – Secret Units are unlocked.
  4. Raids can also help you in getting character Cosmetics. You can complete more difficult raids to get better Cosmetics.
  5. Gamers can also get Cosmetics by completing Infinity Castle. There are many stages in this Castle, each one with increasing difficulty.

How to Use Cosmetics in Anime Adventures

Equip the unit for which you have unlocked Cosmetics in the first slot of the team bar below. Once you have done this, press K to open your collection and click over the lock Cosmetic button. Doing this will equip the Cosmetic on your character.

That concludes the guide on how to get Cosmetics in Anime Adventures. If this helped you out, then make sure to check out our Anime Adventures guides on Gamer Tweak. For example, here’s how to get cursed fingers in the game.