Clay Farm Guide V Rising: How To Get It

Learn how to get & Farm Clay in V Rising from this guide.

V Rising is a Survival Action-Adventure game with Multiplayer. You play as a weakened Vampire who woke up from slumber in this game. Now you must gather resources, battle foes, & build up your Castle and Army. Clay is a very early game resource that you will be using a lot in your early stages. It is used in quite a few recipes and as such, will be needed around. In this guide, I will show you how to get Clay in V Rising.

How to Get Clay in V Rising

get clay v rising

Clay is a farmable resource that you can get fairly easily in Farbane Woods. You can loot it from the Bandit Camps scattered across the region. The best place to get Clay in V Rising is in the Bandit Sulphur Quarry, far west of Farbane Woods. You will have to make a lot of trips just to get enough Clay to make the Items you need. Another way of getting it is by sending Servants on trips to collect & harvest resources. The better method is by sending Servants as collecting Clay does take a bit of time.

At the moment, there are two items that you can craft using Clay, i.e. Clay Mold & Stone Body. You will need the following materials to make them:

  • Clay Mold:- 12 Clay & 1 Water-filled Canteen.
  • Stone Body:- 12 Clay & 4 Stone Bricks.

Take these materials to a Grinder and Voila, you have your respective Item. As of this article, Clay does not have that many uses. V Rising is still in early access so there is still a lot that the game can offer. In the coming future, there will be recipes that will require Clay or its craftable forms, i.e. Clay Mold & Stone Body.

This was all about how to get Clay in V Rising. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like V Rising Grinder Guide.