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Halo Infinite How To Get Cat Ears Helmet & Purrfect Audio Bundle

Looking to add Cat Ears on your Helmet in Halo Infinite? This guide will help you.

Halo Infinite knows their fans and has added the Cat Ears for you to equip and kill in style. That is not all, the game offers you a whole bundle with other cat-themed cosmetics. So if you are a cat lover or enjoy cute things this bundle might be for you. In this guide let us take a look at how to get Cat Ears Helmet in Halo Infinite and things you should know about the Purrfect Audio bundle.

How to Get Cat ears helmet & Purrfect audio bundle in Halo Infinite


how to get cat ears helmet attachment in halo infinite
Image Credit: u/LGBT_here on Reddit

You can get the Cat ears helmet attachment in the Purrfect Audio bundle that costs 1000 credits. It is not a Helmet but rather something that you can attach to other Helmets.

The Purrfect Audio Bundle costs 1000 credits. You get the following items in the Bundle:


  • Faded and Blush epic armor coating.
  • Tabby rare charm.
  • Kat epic charm.
  • Purrfect Audio epic helmet attachment.

Oh and if you plan on getting your hands (or rather paws) on them, then grab this bundle before December 28th. That is because the items in the in-game shop change every Tuesday at 12 pm CT. There is a good chance that it will mostly change on Tuesday.

And if you are wondering whether you can get it for free, then sadly, there is no way for you to get it for free just yet. You can only buy it using real money. The minimum you’ll need to spend is 9.99$ as that gives you 1000 credits.


That covers everything you need to know about how to get Cat Ears Helmet in Halo Infinite and the Purrfect Audio Bundle items list. While this bundle might be paid, you can still get Winter Contingency rewards for free. And if you are planning to play Multiplayer mode why not learn how to play it in Split-screen mode with a friend.