MW2: How To Get Bot Lobbies

Here is how you can get bot lobbies in Call of Duty MW2.

While playing CoD MW2 many players want to play in bot lobbies or join one which has easier opponents. There are multiple reasons for this, for example, you might want to play for relaxing or not play seriously. But the game won’t directly make you play against bots just for that. So in this guide check out how to get into bot lobbies or play against easier opponents in CoD Modern Warfare 2.

How to Get Bot Lobbies in CoD MW2

how to get bot lobbies in cod mw2

The best way to get Bot Lobbies in MW2 is by losing matches with a poor K/D ratio. This might sound counterproductive at first but it is important for tricking the game’s SBMM into thinking you are a bad player. Here are all ways you can get bots or easier opponents in your lobbies:

  • Play Badly: Let’s start with the basic yet effective method, play badly. MW2’s SBMM or Skill-Based Matchamking puts you up against players of your skill level. And to calculate that it has some factors to take into account. These include the number of kills you get per match, your assists, and your deaths. So getting more kills and dying less will make the game think you are good and place you against players of similar skill levels, but its opposite is also true. If you can’t get many kills or don’t know how to play well then the game will put you against such players.
  • But this won’t put you forever against easier players because as you play better you will improve your SBMM. So this method will be a continuous cycle of playing badly, then normally, for staying at a certain level.
  • Join your lower-level friends: This trick works especially well with the above technique. If you play badly and also have friends whose level is low then the game has even better chances of putting you against easier players or bots.
  • Turn-off crossplay: This trick is for players playing on Console. Launch your game and go to settings. Then in the Account & Network tab turn off the Crossplay option. You will not have PC players in your lobbies now and there is a good chance you get lobbies filled with bots or easier players.

Do remember this guide is only meant for educational purposes. We do not encourage players to use smurf accounts or similar tactics. These things just ruin the experience for everyone. This is because lower-level players can’t enjoy the game and at one point it most likely won’t be fun for you as your opponents will be too easy to fight.

That covers this guide on how to get Bot lobbies in MW2 and fight easier opponents. I suggest you also check out our MW2 Wiki to get help on similar topics for this game.