How To Get Blueprints In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Here's how you can get the Blueprints in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

In this tactical turn-based game, you can team up with your favorite characters from the Marvel Universe. Play as a customizable character known as Hunter as you embark on a mission to take out villains like Lilith and Hydra. As you go side by side with your idol superheroes, you must ensure that your faction stands tall. The game surely will get tougher as you progress further into it. Hence, make sure to upgrade and craft ability cards so that you can put up a tough battle. However, like in most RPG games, crafting & upgrading requires some resource, the tradition is followed in this game as well. Blueprints are what you need to get this job done in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Wondering how? Check out this guide that features everything about Blueprints.

All Methods to Get Blueprints in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

How To Get Blueprints In Marvel's Midnight Suns

In this game, you will find Blueprints based on their Rarity. The most common ones can be found easily however, finding a Legendary or Epic Blueprint requires grind. Although, here’s how you can obtain the Blueprints.

  • You can acquire Blueprint by completing missions and challenges. Also, don’t forget to check out the rewards before entering a mission. Because the mission that grants Blueprints specifies it in the rewards section.
  • Another way to get Blueprints in Marvel’s Midnight Suns is by Researching the Artifacts at Forge.
  • You can possibly get a Blueprint by opening Arcane Chests located around the Abbey.
  • Once you have completed the Blueprint Exchange research objective at the Forge, you will be able to convert Blueprints. This means that you can obtain high-rarity Blueprints by converting them from low-rarity Blueprints.

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Blueprints and Essence are required to craft new Ability Cards at the Forge.

That’s all covered on how to get the Blueprints in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Meanwhile, you are here, make sure to check out our guide on how to get the Credits in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.