How To Get Blood Cell & Polished Camo In MW2

Customizing your weapon and came across some new Camos in MW2? Here is how you can unlock the Blood Cell & Polished skins.

Many players are interested to know how you get the Blood cell Camo in MW2. Usually when you customize a weapon, selecting a locked skin shows you the method to unlock it. But that isn’t the case with these camos. Selecting them will only show you that they are locked but won’t tell you the way to get it. Worry not, both of these can be unlocked by completing tasks for 2 events. So here is everything you need to do to unlock the Blood Cell & Polished Camos in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (MW2).

How to Get Blood Cell & Polished in CoD MW2

CoD MW2 Unlock and equip Blood Cell and Polished Camo

To get the Blood Cell Camo you have to complete the Shadow Company event challenges. As for unlocking the Polished Camo, you have to complete the Task Force 141 event challenges. Both these events will start on August 4, 2023. The specifics of what the tasks are going to be is presently unknown.

The Blood Cell camo line has a brilliant crimson glow to it. While the Polished camo skins have an orange shade, a copper sort of tint to them. Both of these camo skinlines are also animated, so when equipped you can see a flowy effect on them.

How to Equip Blood Cell & Polished Camo

  1. Go to Weapons and edit your current loadout.
  2. Select the weapon you want to use it on and go to Gunsmith.
  3. Go to the Customize tab.
  4. Here, click on All Camos.
  5. Now, click on the Event button.
  6. You should find both the Blood Cell and Polished Camos here.
  7. Equip one of them on the weapon you like.

With that, you now know how to unlock and equip the Blood Cell or Polished Camo in Call of Duty MW2. For more such weapon guides or help on other related topics be sure to check out our Modern Warfare 2 section.