How To Get Black Cape In Blox Fruits

The Black Cape in Blox Fruits is a useful accessory that you can get in your inventory. It is classified as a type of rare accessory, still somewhat easy to find compared to the items in the same category. Apart from enhancing the appearance, this Black cape also provides some buffs to the player wearing it. Follow this guide to find out how to get one for your character in Blox Fruits.

How to Unlock Black Cape in Blox Fruits

Get Black Cape In Blox Fruits
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The Black Cape in Blox Fruits gives buffs to the player involving damage, health, and energy. It is best suitable for beginners who have recently started with the game due to it being cheap, easy to find, and giving you additional support.

EnergyHealth Damage

Now, before getting into how to obtain a black cape, you need to fulfill a specific condition in the game. As per the requirement, you need to be level 50 and also have $50,000 in your pocket to get this cape.

Coming to the point now, you can purchase this from an NPC cape seller known by the name Parlus.

  • To find locate you need to head over to the Marine Fortress which is to the North West of Marine Starter Island.
  • Once you reach the fortress, you will find him in one of the watch towers. You need to check out all of them by climbing on them and looking for a hole descending.
  • As you find one, descend down to meet him. Further, you can interact with him and purchase the Black Cape with the required amount.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get black cape in Blox Fruits. If you find this guide helpful, head to our dedicated section for Blox Fruits on Gamer Tweak for more. Moreover, here are a few direct links to some of the related articles that you can refer to improve your game.