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How To Get Better At FIFA 23 (Tips)

Here's a deep dive into the tricks and techniques you can use to be better at FIFA 23.

Looking for tips to get better at FIFA 23? This guide will help. For 3 decades gamers have tried to better themselves in the ultimate sports simulator that is the FIFA franchise. With FIFA 23 set to be the final chapter of this trendsetting series, powered by HyperMotion 2 gaming technology the game is at its absolute best in teams of graphical fidelity. Each new entry brings small incremental changes to the already established gameplay loop and FIFA 23 is no different. But sometimes it can be difficult to adapt and the only way to get improve is to use the tools available to their full extent. So let’s take a look at some effective moves and methods that will make you the FIFA 23 expert you know you can be.

How to Get Better at FIFA 23

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Long Shots (The Trivela and Power Shot)

Taking long shots from outside the box always feels good, but it’s usually out of frustration or desperation. FIFA 23 solves this by gifting players with the Trivela and the Power shot.

The Trivela is a long shot that lets the player shoot the ball from the outside of their dominant foot thus making it most effective when facing the goal diagonally on either side of the box (Right side of right-footed players and left for the opposite). This can be performed by Holding down L2/LT while powering the shot and pressing circle/B to shoot while aiming for the top bins.

The power shot on the other hand is very situational. If you find yourself facing the opponent’s goal head-on and have some room to maneuver, then charge up the power shot from outside the box to catch the keeper off-guard.


Football can be broken down into two fundamental moments, when the team has possession and when it doesn’t. Jockeying is one of the most basic but effective defensive skills you need to master. Mechanically all you need to do is hold down the L2/LT and move the analog sticks in the desired direction. But the real key to jockeying is patience as a common mistake players make is holding down the sprint button which tends to create space in your defensive line. Time and patience are key factors in a solid defense.

Second Man Press

This is a more advanced but highly effective defensive technique that will keep your defensive line in check. When you find yourself in a defensive situation versus two opponents with one of your AI players on the ball, simply press R1/RB to block that path while you simultaneously hold down the extra man. This tip comes with the huge disclaimer that this is highly situational as holding down R1/RB every time while defending will not engage the second-man press.

Through Balls

A relatively new addition to FIFA, through balls, is deadly once mastered. To perform press Triangle along with L1 and R1 on PS / Y with LB and RB for Xbox. However, the tricky part of mastering the through ball is the timing of the run as A. I in FIFA 23 need to be triggered by holding down L1/LB just before the pass is put through. The through ball can be used to break down tough opponents with high defensive lines. A Well-timed first pass can be even more effective.

Agile Dribbling

While dribbling with L1 looks fancy it tends to get you caught in the mud and you end up losing possession of the ball. The solution to this is a simple switch to Agile dribbling by using R1/RB when you find yourself in the opponent’s 3rd half. Using Agile dribbling for a few seconds opens up that much-needed space that lets you pass the ball off to your strikers, creating more chances for goals.

Penalty kicks

One of the noticeable new features of the game is the new Penalty kick system. Now when you step up to take a kick, there is a shrinking “Composure Ring” around the ball. The size and speed by which the ring shrinks are dependent on the composure stats of your selected player. Aiming your shot has also become easier with the removal of the cross-hair, simply move your joystick in the direction you want to shoot and take the shot. The best time to take the shot is when the composure ring is the same size as the football.


Just like any other E-sport, when all is said and done, it all comes down to your mental fortitude. FIFA 23 is a game of trial and error. Try different play styles, different formations, and varied combinations of players to suit your temperament. Every defeat is a learning experience. Sticking to your fundamentals and trusting your system will always turn games around in your favor.

This covers some new and old techniques you can use to improve at FIFA 23. Check out our guide for the Best striker build and other FIFA guides on Gamer Tweak.