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How To Get Barrier Blocks In Minecraft

Here's a quick guide on adding Barrier Blocks to your inventory in Minecraft.

Minecraft has always strived to give its players a place where they can experiment. Where Survival Mode is all about exploring the open land with tools and weapons of your own making, Creative Mode is a builder’s dream come true. With access to all materials in the game, the only limit in Creative Mode is your imagination. A handy material that new players might miss out on is Barrier Blocks. Find out how to get Barrier Blocks in Minecraft.

How to get Barrier Blocks in Minecraft

how to get barrier blocks minecraft
Barrier Blocks are a special tool that can be used by developers and players to make indestructible walls that are invisible to the player in Survival Mode. All you need to do to get them in your inventory is open your chat and type /give @s barrier. This should give you Barrier Blocks that you can use in Creative and Survival modes.

How to use Barrier Blocks

Barrier Blocks are a great tool for players in Survival Mode. The main purpose of these blocks is to make indestructible walls or barriers that can’t be broken in the Survival Mode of the game. The main reason to use Barrier Blocks over other unbreakable blocks like Barrier or End Portal Frame is that the blocks turn invisible once placed. This makes them a great tool to use to create safe areas that can keep out any mob types and players. While in creative mode, the block will appear as its icon(red circle with a slash across it) as opposed to invisible in survival mode.

And that’s all you need to know about Barrier blocks in Minecraft. Check out our guide on best starter house ideas or have a look at how you can tame an ocelot for more fun things you can do in Minecraft.