How To Get Backhand Blade In Elden Ring – Location

The Backhand Blade is one of the latest weapons in Elden Ring that you can use execute rapid hits dashes to eliminate enemies.

Backhand Blade in Elden Ring is a special type of weapon that is exclusive to the Shadow of the Erdree DLC. While most of the weapons and Ashes of Wars require you to beat a boss fight, it’s not the same for this blade. Backhand Blade can be found lying somewhere on the ground in the Land of Shadows. It’s worth searching for this weapon due to its unique build and playstyle that is unlike any other weapon in this game.

If you want to get your hands on the Backhand Blade in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdree then this guide has everything you need to know. We have mentioned the location of this weapon along with the required stats to wield it.

Backhand Blade Location in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdree

location of Backhand Blade In Elden Ring
Find Backhand Blade in the marked area

If you have just entered the Land of Shadows, activate the Grave Plain Site of Grace. From the Grave Plain area, the Backhand Blade’s location is relatively simple to reach. All you have to do is keep moving in the northeast direction until you find the Scorched Ruins Site of Grace.

From the Scorched Ruins Site of Grace, walk in the northern direction and you will find a mausoleum. The Backhand Blade will be lying just before the coffin placed in that mausoleum. So you can go and pick it up. One more thing, make sure to maintain your distance from the Furnace Golem nearby. It is a giant boss who can put obstructions in your path.

Backhand Blade Stats

backhand blade in elden ring
Image Credits to AshesWolf

You need to have at least 10 Strength points and 13 Dexterity points to wield the Backhand Blade in Elden Ring. Strength and Dexterity are the only two stats in which this weapon scales. So if you want to master the playstyle of Backhand Blade, focus on building up the aforementioned stats.

Players can always choose to dual-wield the Backhand Blade as it does brutal damage this way. A quick dash and rapid hits are the main reasons why you should pick this blade. Moreover, its default Ash of War: Blind Spot boosts the weapon capabilities by allowing you to dash and follow up with a quick attack. This is extremely useful to dodge an enemy attack and return back the favor. But before relying on this Ash of War, be sure to practice it off the field once.

That’s all there is to learn about the Backhand Blade in Elden Ring. For more such content, feel free to check out our dedicated section for Elden Ring Guides on Gamer Tweak. We have covered plenty of guides that will help you progress and explore the game smoothly.