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How To Get Free Aurum In The Cycle Frontier

Learn how to get Aurum in The Cycle Frontier from this guide.

The Cycle Frontier is a PvEvP FPS game created by Yager Development. In this game, you are against all odds, other Players as well as the World of Cycle Frontier. Your objective? Get out as soon as you can and survive the harsh conditions. The Cycle Frontier has a variety of currencies that the players can use to get Items or Accessories. One such currency is Aurum. Aurum is a premium currency in the game and is hard to get. In this guide, I will show you how to Get Aurum in The Cycle Frontier.

How to Get Aurum in The Cycle Frontier


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Aurum is a Premium Currency in The Cycle Frontier. As such, the main way of getting is to buy it with IRL money. Aurum is similar to other games currencies which are used for buying Cosmetics or to insure your Gear. Although, this is not the only way of getting Aurum in the game. The Cycle Frontier has something known as the Generator. The Generator is an upgradable station located in Quarters Upgrades in your Personal Quarters. You will be able to generate K-marks, Aurum, & Supply Drops at an hourly rate by just playing the game. This is a free way and easy of getting these resources but is time-consuming.

Buying and upgrading the Aurum Generator will let you get it on an hourly basis. In the beginning, you will only get 0.42 Aurum/hour. You will need 872 K-marks, 6 Spinal Bases, & an Osiris Scrip to buy it. As of The Cycle Frontier 1.1.0. version, the max amount of Aurum/hour you can get is 1.13. Most Cosmetics in The Cycle Frontier costs about 500 Aurum. A 1.13 Aurum/hour is a tough call for new players so if calculate the Aurum gain on 0.5 Aurum/hour, then it will take the player 1000 hours to get 500 Aurum. That’s roughly 42 days or 1 ½ month. With a 1.0 Aurum/hour, it will take you half the time. So prioritize the Aurum Generator.


This was all about how to Get Aurum in The Cycle Frontier. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like The Cycle Frontier Best Keybinds List.