AFK Journey: How To Get Artifact Echoes

Artifact Echoes are needed to upgrade Artifacts and boost your various stats in AFK Journey. Check out here to learn how to get it.

Having the best Artifacts to bolster your stats is good but strengthening them further using the Artifact Echoes in AFK Journey is a must. For those who are unaware, Artifact Echoes are like a currency or shard required for upgrading your Artifacts. I personally recommend collecting this shard as it makes your playthrough even smoother. Unlike your passive abilities, an enhanced Artifact is like a boon that blesses your party with upgraded ATK, DEF, HP, etc. If that intrigues you in finding Artifact Echoes and upgrading Artifacts, here’s a quick guide to help you out.

How to Get Artifact Echoes in AFK Journey

upgrading artifact using artifact echoes in afk journey

Since there are six Artifacts in AFK Journey, you will need six different Echoes to upgrade them. Check out below to learn how to get them:

  • Enlightening Spell: You can get shards for upgrading this Artifact through AFK Stage Battles and Corrupt Creatures events.
  • Awakening Spell: For upgrading this Artifact, shards can be found by completing main and side quests.
  • Ironwall Spell: You can find this Artifact Echo throughout different story missions. Also, you can get it through the 1st Purchase Bundle.
  • Confining Spell: To get this Echo, you need to complete story missions. Plus, you can get it from the Purchase Bundles too.
  • Blazing Spell: This Echo can be obtained from the missions and Trolley.
  • Starshard Spell: Dream Realm rewards and main story missions are the two primary ways of obtaining this Artifact Echo.

The above are the only ways to obtain Artifact Echoes in AFK Journey. With them, you can provide various buffs to your characters that will prove substantial during your time in battle.

Now that you know how to get Artifact Echoes, be sure to make the most out of it. Also, to win battles, I suggest you unlock Hypogean Characters like Reiner. They will help you tons in battle.