How To Get Spacesuit Armor In The Callisto Protocol

Here's our guide with which you can have the Spacesuit Armor in the Callisto Protocol.

Armor is one of the most important pieces of gear a player can ask for. That is the same case as you play Callisto Protocol. However, it is quite tedious and not really clear how to get Armor in the Callisto Protocol. Since many players are looking for it but are failing, we recommend you check out this guide. Unlike weapons like Skunk Gun where you only get the schematics, thankfully you will get the armor piece directly. Since it is a great influence on your game, having armor is something you should look forward to. If you have not found the armor yet, don’t be discouraged as in this guide, we will show you exactly how and when you will come in contact with the first armor.

Where to Find Armor in The Callisto Protocol

Callisto Protocol Get Spacesuit Armor

Although it is not at all difficult to get your hands on the armor, you will have to progress in the story. Since it is an important piece, it is quite natural that you will have to clear the early game to reach the required chapter. If you have failed to find it and are confused, simply scroll down and you will have your answers.

While in Chapter 4 Habitat, there is a point when you will get out of the Black Iron Prison. After that, you will end up meeting Elias who will hand you the Spacesuit Armor in the Callisto Protocol. He will give you the helmet which you will have to put on so you can journey into the storm.

Now that you have the Spacesuit Armor, your health and inventory will go up. You can now soak up more hits from normal enemies. Along with that, your inventory space went up from 6 to 12.

That’s all there is on how to get Armor in The Callisto Protocol. While you are here, make sure you check out our Callisto Protocol guides with Gamer Tweak.