Sea Of Thieves: How To Get And Use Throwing Knives

Want to find out more about the new weapon that has been added to the game? Here’s everything you need to know about the Throwing Knives in Sea of Thieves, and how you can unlock and use it.

Throwing Knives in Sea of Thieves is one of the weapons that has been introduced during Season 12 of this game. Once you have learned how to properly use this weapon and have mastered all its attacks, you will be able to defeat any opponent that you encounter.

However, if you have been wondering how you can obtain and use this powerful weapon, you’ve stumbled upon the right guide. Here’s how you can get Throwing Knives and perform all its varied attacks by using a few simple steps.

How to Get Throwing Knives in Sea of Thieves

The process of unlocking Throwing Knives in Sea of Thieves is extremely easy, as you won’t have to complete any major task to obtain it. To unlock this weapon, all you have to do is go to the Armory stand which is located on your ship. You will see the “Throwing Knives” section and you will notice that the “Sailor Throwing Knives” weapon has already been unlocked.

Apart from this, you can obtain numerous skins and change the appearance of this weapon. Some of them can be unlocked by spending Gold, Ancient Coins, or by completing Commendations.

How To Get And Use Throwing Knives In Sea Of Thieves

How to Use Throwing Knives in Sea of Thieves

Since you can use Throwing Knives as a melee as well as a ranged weapon, here are a variety of attacks you can perform with these powerful knives:

Quick stab

Click on the attack button to perform the quick stab attack. Although the damage is low, it will be an effective attack once you are able to master it.

Heavy downward blow

Press and hold the attack button to raise your weapon, and release it when you are ready to strike your enemy. This will deal more damage than the quick stab attack, however, you will have to ensure that you have correctly targeted your enemy, as this attack has slower movement.


Hold down the aim button and once you have set your target, click on the attack button to throw the knife. While this attack does deal a good amount of damage, you will have to make sure that you aim precisely. However, the only way to get better at this attack is by using it time and again, especially during ranged combat.

If you do end up missing a throw, you will have to interact with the weapon to pick it up and use it again. It is also important to note these knives can be picked up and used against you by other players.

Additionally, you will be able to hold and use up to five Throwing Knives. Once you have spent all five of them, you will have to refill your knife supply by using ammo pouches or ammunition boxes.

That’s all you need to know about how you can get and use Throwing Knives in Sea of Thieves. If you found this guide helpful, learn how you can obtain Horn of Fair Winds, find out how you can scuttle your ship, and check out our crossplay guide.