How To Get And Use Horses In Manor Lords

Not sure where to find Horses and make them work in Manor Lords? Here’s a quick guide to resolve all your doubts.

Just like Oxen and Sheep, Horses in Manor Lord is an important livestock that can ease your life. This animal can be hitched to a wagon and used for transporting goods across different regions. For someone who is trying to flourish their Trade system, using a Horse is an ideal choice for them. However, one thing that you must know is that Horses aren’t found anywhere in the wild.

Like other farm animals, you have to purchase them using your Regional Wealth. If you are new, it may take you a while to figure out how Trading works. But here’s a guide that explains everything about Horses in Manor Lord. This includes how to purchase and use them for good.

This guide is subject to change as the game is still in Early Access. We will update this guide in case there are any changes to how Horses work.

How to Get Horses in Manor Lords

You can get a Horse for 30 Regional Wealth from a Hitching Post. Once the purchase is made, a trader will come and deliver it to you after a few days. It should be noted that you can purchase a Horse only once per month using a Hitching Post. Moreover, it only provides space for one Horse. If you want to increase the space, you can upgrade the Hitching Post to Small Stables. It will only cost you x2 Planks to upgrade the structure.

using livestock trading post to order horses in manor lords
Ordering Horses using a Livestock Trading Post. Image Credits to MonkeyKingHero

Aside from Hitching Post and Small Stables, you can also use a Livestock Trading Post to order Horses in Manor Lords. Using this method, you can change the Trade rule to Import and order as many Horses as you want, provided they are available in the market.

Note: Like Small Stables, Livestock Trading Posts also provide space for two Horses. So hitching multiple Horses will require you to build multiple structures in this game.

How to Use Horses

As of now, Horses can be used to deliver goods across different territories as a means of Trade. You can assign them to a Trading Post so the family that lives there can make use of it for Trading. You will quickly notice how fast Horses move in comparison to Oxen. This makes it the best way to earn money fast through Trading in Manor Lords.

At first, I recommend not having many of these animals as it will be a waste of wealth. So I want you to analyze your Trade pattern and how many times your workers travel to export goods. Depending on the frequency, you can purchase and assign Horses to your Trading Posts.

That’s all there is to know about the Horses in Manor Lords. Aside from the livestock, do you know what else can benefit you? Upgrading your Burgage Plots and obtaining Crops. Make sure to check out our guides that explain everything about them.