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How To Get and Farm Grenade Ash In Final Fantasy XIV

A location guide on how to get and Farm Grenade Ash In Final Fantasy XIV

Grenade ash in Final Fantasy Fourteen is a Reagent material that can be used for crafting a variety of things. It is a dark greyish ash item that is produced from the internal combustion of a grenade. In this guide How To Get and Farm Grenade Ash In Final Fantasy XIV, we tell you Grenade Ash location and uses.

How to Get Grenade Ash in FF14 (Locations)


Having an explosive in the game will help you to cause more damage. You can farm Grenade Ash by Quarrying, Drops, Purchases, and Ventures.




The Grenade Ash is available by Quarrying the Bluefog location in the Northern Thanalan zone. This however requires a level 40 gathering.


  • Central Thanalan zone, is dropped by Shrapnel at The Dry Sands location.
  • Northern Thanalan zone, is dropped by Bomb Baron and Grenade at Bluefog location.
  • Outer La Noscea zone is dropped by Grenade at The Long Climb and Iron Lake locations.
  • Eastern La Noscea zone, is dropped by Void Mine at the Bloodshore.
  • Coerthas Central Highlands zone is dropped by Napalm at the Dragonhead location.


Note, these enemies are high-level enemies with up to level 49. So make sure you do not go in unprepared.


Players can also buy the Grenade Ash off the Z’ranmaia merchant. He can be found in the Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks. He will sell you 1 Grenade Ash for 216 Gil.



Going on the following ventures will get you, Grenade Ash:

  • Highland Exploration VIII with Retainer Level 35 and an 18-hour venture.
  • Hunting Exploration Venture with Retainer Level 38 and a 1-hour venture.
  • Mining Exploration Venture with Retainer Level 40and a 1-hour venture.

How to Use Grenade Ash in Final Fantasy 14

Below mentioned are all the items that use the Grenade ash:

Open Hearth Carpenter 50
Perfect Firewood Carpenter 50
Titanium Nugget Blacksmith 54
Titanium Nugget Armorer 54
Amdapori Beacon Goldsmith 50
Felt Lining Weaver 42
Clinker Bricks Alchemist 39
Mega-Potion of Vitality Alchemist 46
X-Potion of Vitality Alchemist 50

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