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FFXIV Hatching-tide Event 2021: How To Complete It & Earn Rewards

Here's a quick guide on how to complete the Hatching-tide event 2021 and earn season rewards.

Do you love playing Final Fantasy 14? If YES then we have good news for you. The much-awaited Easter-themed event Hatching-tide event has finally arrived and fans have only two weeks of time to grab seasonal rewards. The event will run until April 28, 2021.


There are thousands of Final Fantasy 14 players who don’t even know how to start the Hatching-tide event and what rewards they will be getting for completing it and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you everything covered.

Final Fantasy XIV: How To Start & Complete The Event Hatching-tide Event 2021


Similar to other events, there are certain pre-requisites that need to be fulfilled to take part in the Hatching-tide event in FFXIV. The first and foremost thing is your level should not be less than 15 if you want to participate in the ongoing event.

Once your level hits 15 in Final Fantasy XIV, you can start the Hatching-tide event by having a talk with Jihil  Aliapoh in Old Gridania at (X:10.2, Y:9.4) and accepting the seasonal quest “Fowl Demands”. Accepting the seasonal quest will take you to the survey location at (X:5.4, Y:7.8) in Old Gridania. If you want to see a brief cutscene, make sure to interact with the destination point.

The next cutscene will appear when you have a talk with Pawlin. Doing this will complete the “Fowl Demands” seasonal quest and for completing this quest, you will be given the Chicken Head and Chicken Suit items as rewards.


If you want to grab more seasonal rewards then you will have to complete another seasonal quest called ‘A Poultry Sum’. It will begin when you speak to Nonotta. After starting this quest, a brief cutscene will appear and once it is completed, you will need to speak to Pawlin again to enter The Dreamer’s Run. 

The next FATE that you will need to complete is ‘An Eggsistential Threat’, which can only be completed as a Disciple of War or Magic. The only aim of this FATE is to collect the eggs from hens and roosters. Once collected, make sure to give these eggs to the Hatching-tide Helpmeet NPC to count. Once the FATE is completed, speak to Pawlin again and exit the area.

Afterward, you will have to interact with Nonotta again and head back to Mih Khetto’s Amphitheater to have a talk with Jihil Aliapoh for a cutscene. After handing over gifts to those who helped you participating in the event, head back to Jihil Aliapoh and complete the quest and earn the “A Fowl Temper” achievement.


Items That Can Be Purchased With Special Archon Eggs

During FATE, you must have earned some Special Archon Eggs. For the unversed, they are the seasonal currency that can be used at the Dreamer Egg Advocate NPC at (X:10.2, Y:9.2) in Old Gridania. Notably, you will only be able to buy items from the Dream Egg Advocate NPC after completing both Hatching-tide quests and earning A Fowl Temper achievement.

Here’s a complete list of items that can be purchased:

  • Chicken Head (equippable armor) — 5 Special Archon Eggs
  • Chicken Suit (equippable armor) — 5 Special Archon Eggs
  • Archon Egg Pouch (furnishing) — 5 Special Archon Eggs
  • Hatching-tide Confections (furnishing) — 5 Special Archon Eggs
  • Magicked Prisms (Hatching-tide) — 1 Special Archon Egg

That’s everything you need to know about the FFXIV Hatching-tide event in 2021.