How to Get More Ammo in Starfield?

Out of ammo soon? Here are some tips on how to get a lot of ammo in Starfield.

Different weapons in Starfield required different types of Ammos. They are to an extent easily available and sometimes out of reach. This guide will help you with all ways to farm maximum ammo in Starfield. Some planets have vendors that can sell you a lot of ammo, you can instantly refill and return back on your journey. It is also possible to get ammo for free in Starfield, that is done by looting. Here are some locations you must look at first.

Where to find Ammo Crates in Starfield?

Starfield Ammo Vendors

There are three ways to get Ammos in Starfield. First is by looting, second by searching in crates, and third by purchasing it from vendors. For the second method which is searching in crates, if you can level up your Scavenging skills then it will be easier.

Upgrade Scavenging Skills:

Scavenging Skills fall in the Social Tier 1, where if you can unlock Rank 2 then you can get extra ammo while searching in containers. The skill upgrade will make your task easier to locate some free ammo in Starfield.

Ammo Vendors Locations:

The next best method is to buy from vendors. Alpha Centauri’s star system planet Jemison has a lot of vendors who can sell you Ammos. Here is the list of vendors and where to find them.

  1. New Atlantis – Jemison Mercantile (Talk to Amoli)
  2. Commercial District – UC Distribution Center (Talk to Tseng)
  3. Residential District – Centurian Arsenal (Talk to Griffon)
  4. Mast District – The Well ( Talk to Kaminski in the Trade Authority Building)

These are the four best places where you can buy Ammos instantly. In a similar way there are many vendors across the star system, do visit them and check their inventory. You can buy resources, ammo, and other different items from them.

Ammos can cost between 10 to 40 credits depending on the weapon type. For example, Cartridge costs 36 credits. So make sure you have enough credits before visiting the vendors so that you can stack up max with you.