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How To Get Ammo In Far Cry 6 – All Ammo Type Explained

How to get Ammo in Far Cry 6? What are the different types available? Read more to find out.

Far Cry 6 is a massive open-world FPS game. Gunplay is an essential component of the game. Unlike typical FPS games, dealing with enemies requires an understanding of what Ammo type is required. Far Cry 6 has different types of Mods that allow you to change the type of bullets your gun will shoot. Some do fire damage, some poison, and then they’re the ones that end in a bang. Today, I will explain in-depth how to get Ammo and also about the available Ammo types in Far Cry 6.

How to Get Ammo in Far Cry 6



Ammo is a valuable resource in Far Cry 6. You will need to keep a track of the ammo you have available in each of the guns you carry. By gun type, you have Rifle, Pistol, Sniper, Rocket, Grenade, Shotgun, SMG, and LMG Ammo. Each gun takes different Ammo and cannot interchange them between weapons. You can get Ammo from defeated enemies. After killing them you will have to go to their bodies and loot them. Having Boom Boom around you will speed up the process. Another way of getting Ammo is at the back of your Vehicle, the Trunk. Go to the back and just Refill on Ammo. After refilling, there will be a 30 min Cooldown till you can refill again from your Vehicle.

What are its Different Types?


ammo types in fc6

Along with the different kinds of Ammo that are available in Far Cry 6, each of them has different types. The Ammo types are Attachment Mods to the guns. Every gun has them except for unique weapons. Each type of Ammo Mod are as follows:

  • Armor-Piercing Mod
  • Blast Mod
  • Incendiary Mod
  • Poison Mod
  • Soft Target Mod
  • Standard Mod


You can apply one of these Mods to your gun at a time. Depending on your enemy, you will have to shuffle between them. Each of them has a unique purpose. Certain enemies will be weak against one of these Ammo types. Armor-Piercing Mods are strong ammo types that breakthrough armor and helmets. Blast Mods deals an AOE of explosive damage, it is great for clearing out groups of enemies and best against Vehicles. Incendiary Mods apply fire damage to their targets, this damage is dealt with over time. Poison Mods is similar to Incendiary but deals poison damage. This Mod can also cause enemies to turn on their allies. Soft Target Mods deal heavy damage to unarmored targets. Standard Mods is the default military-grade Ammo type you get with the gun. You can change the type of Ammo type from the Workbench at any Libertad Base.

You will be able to know when to use what Ammo type once you have tagged your enemy. If you want to know how you can tag enemies then check out our guide on Phone Camera in Far Cry 6. this was all on getting Ammo and Ammo types in Far Cry 6. Hopefully, this guide helped you in choosing them wisely. You can also check our guides on All Weapon Locations and All Resolver Weapons Locations in Far Cry 6.