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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How To Get All Three Starters

Here is how you can get all three starters in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Many players are looking to get all three starters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. There is a good reason for it and that is all three of them that is Sprigatito, Fuecoco, & Quaxly are pretty strong Pokemon. Sadly, once you pick one you cannot find the other two in the wild. But there is a way you can still get them. So in this guide check out how to get all three starters in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.


How to Get All Three Starters in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

pokemon scarlet violet get all starters sprigatito fuecoco and quaxly

There are two main methods for getting all the starters in the game. The first is by Trading and the second is by using Pokemon Home. Do remember that the second method won’t work until 2023. This is because Pokemon Home does not support Scarlet & Violet games at the moment.

Trading Starters

This is the best method that you will have to work with. There are two ways you can trade in these games. One way is to do a local trade and the other is to trade online. Make sure to make some progress in the game, at least until you get to your first Poke center. This will allow you to access Poke Portal.

  1. Press the X button on your Joy-con or Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to open the menu.
  2. Here, choose Poke Portal and then click on Link Trade.
  3. You can also press the “+” button to set up a Link Code. This will be required by your friend in order to begin trading with you.
  4. Click on Begin Searching.
  5. Once you find another trader, select the starter.
    • The person who is willing to reset the game should select the starter Pokemon.
    • The one who will receive the starter should choose any Pokemon for trade that can easily be caught in the wild.
  6. Confirm the Trade by clicking on Trade it.
  7. This will complete the trade and you or your friend will receive the starter Pokemon.

You need to repeat this step at least twice if only one of you plans on getting all starters. If both parties want all starters then you need to do this step a minimum of four times.

Pokemon Home

Using this method you can move your starter to your Pokemon Home. After that, you have to reset the game and move your second starter to Pokemon Home again. Finally, you can move your starters back to your game from Home in your third playthrough. Needless to say but make sure you choose different starters each time.


That covers this guide on how to get all three starters Sprigatito, Fuecoco, & Quaxly in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. If you are interested in learning more about this game then check our guides on how to play with friends and all Paldean forms of Pokemon in these games.