How To Get All Outfits In Spellbreak

Easily get outfits in Spellbreak.

The recently released Spellbreak is a AAA fantasy game with its root being the world of mages. Its unique gameplay and intensive battle royale to dominate the world has made it stand out from others. Outfits or skins in Spellbreak are items that provide a new appearance to your characters. Several outfits are out for grab in the game. But all of them are obtained in different ways. In this guide, we will list down all the outfits in Spellbreak and how to get each one of them. So without any delay, let’s begin with how to get outfits in Spellbreak.

How to Get Outfits in Spellbreak

There are multiple ways to get several outfits in Spellbreak. Some of them can be simply equipped by completing the tutorial, some by progressing, some by purchasing, and some other by participating in events. You can also get some outfits by spending in-game currency, which is gold, in the game store. The outfits which are gained during events and other contests are giveaway outfits.

One thing to note here is that some outfits are only unlocked after completing the tutorial. Hence, you need to make spend some in-game currency to get them. Now since we know the different modes of getting outfits in Spellbresk, let’s begin with the list and how to get each one of them.

List of All Outfits in Spellbreak

We have segregated this list into different ways through which we can get outfits in Spellbreak. We will also be mentioning the rarity of the outfits and their costs if any.

Completing the Tutorial

Outfit Name Rarity Cost
Novice Common 400
Adept Common 400
Initiate Common 400
Adventure Common 400
Wanderer Common 400
Pupil Common 400
Apprentice Common 400
Journeyman Common 400

Completing First Match

Outfit Name Rarity
Gloom Uncommon

Giveaway Outfits For Events and Contests

Outfit Name Rarity Name of the Event
Pioneer Uncommon Giveaway to Alpha Testers
Sundowner Uncommon Giveaway during a SteelSeries giveaway event
Treeline Epic Giveaway during a contest
Nightshade Epic Giveaway on Twitch by content creators
The Hollow Legendary Given away in Twitch and during rare contests

Purchasing Packs

Outfit Name Rarity Cost Name of the Pack
Bewitching Glimmer Rare Starter Pack
Cedar Uncommon 800 Playstation Plus Bonus Pack
Abyssal Marauder Rare Playstation Plus Bonus Pack
Mystic Rare Mystic Founder Pack
Harrowing Hex Rare Acolyte Founder Pack
Sworn Protector Rare Magician Founder Pack
Patchwork Rare Mage Founder Pack
Bug Hunter Epic Battlemage Founder Pack
Keymaster Legendary Master Founder Pack
Blind Faith Legendary Limited Edition Founder Pack

Purchased With Gold

Outfit Name Rarity Cost
Cadet Uncommon 800
Ignoble Emblem Uncommon 800
Dignified Insignia Uncommon 800
Layman Uncommon 800
Halberd Uncommon 800
Rivet Uncommon 800
Leaflet Uncommon 800
Fortune Seeker Uncommon 800
Honeybee Uncommon 800
Redstar Uncommon 800
Prominence Uncommon 800
Tundra Uncommon 800
Silver Rook Rare 1200
Lunar Divination Rare 1200
Avian Sovereign Rare 1200
Wildfire Rare 1200
Hemlock Rare 1200
Timberkin Rare 1200
Forebear Rare 1200
Polaris Epic 1500
Relic Raider Epic 1500
Brooding Corvid Epic 1500
Exquisite Aerialist Epic 1500

That’s the entire list of outfits and how to get them in Spellbreak. Since, now you know how to get outfits in Spellbreak, its time to get into new avatar and begin playing the game. If you are not able to collect enough gold to get outfits in Spellbbreak, you can read our guide on how to easily earn gold in Spellbreak.