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How To Easily Earn Gold In Spellbreak

You can earn Gold in Spellbreak by unlocking new mages or purchasing Gold packs. There are multiple ways to get gold in Spellbreak

Gold in Spellbreak will allow you to customize your character in the game without any restrictions and it also is the primary currency of Spellbreak. There are multiple ways in which you can get gold in Spellbreak and if you want to know all of them, read until the end of this guide.

How To Get Gold In Spellbreak


As said before, Gold is the primary currency in Spellbreak that will allow you to customize and deck out your character as per your wishes, if you want to get all the best items in the game having a huge reserve of Gold is imperative.

There are two ways in which you can acquire Gold in Spellbreak, and both these methods are completely different in their own ways.

If you’re in a hurry you can opt-out to just purchase as many Gold as you wish from the game’s store. This will give you different tiers from how much Gold you need as there are packs that will help you choose the amount you need.


These three packs are curated perfectly so that you’re getting just enough Gold and will keep coming you back to the game.

As in any battle royale game, anything you buy is just going to be cosmetic, and other than that there’s no benefit that you will gain from the premium items in Spellbreak.

The cheapest option to purchase Gold in Spellbreak is to opt for the Starter Pack, this will also make sure that you get the rare tier Bewitching Glimmer outfit making this a lucrative offer that most people won’t refuse.


There are two other options in the game and they will give you just Gold ranging from 1,000 to 13,000.

How To Get Gold In Spellbreak

You can also check out the three DLC options and you stand to earn 1-3 outfits and it depends on the console that you have. The DLC will also get you gold depending on which pack you get:

  • Mage Pack: 3,500 gold
  • Battlemage 6,000 gold
  • Master Pack: 15,000 gold


There’s also a free option in the game to earn to Gold by leveling up your mage rank. For each level up you earn 50 Gold and by the time you get to the max level you stand to earn a total of 2,450.

And if you want even more gold you can earn from select higher level which will get you 300 gold each totaling to 1,800 Gold.

That’s about it, this is all there is to know about how you can earn Gold in Spellbreak. Make sure to check out