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How To Get Every Egg In Roblox BedWars (Egg Hunt 2023)

Trying to get every egg in the egg hunt 2023 event of Roblox BedWars? Check out this guide for it.

The Easter event 2023 is back in Roblox BedWars. During this event, there are several different eggs that you can hunt for like the Diamond egg, emerald egg, and more. But the process to get them isn’t exactly easy and is different for all. So here is a quick guide on how to get every egg in Roblox BedWars.

How to Get All Eggs in Roblox BedWars

how to get all eggs in roblox bedwars

You can get a total of 18 eggs during this event. Here is what you need to do for each of them:

How to Get Diamond Egg

Purchase a Diamond team upgrade.

How to Get Emerald Egg

Use 3 Emeralds to buy it from the shop.

How to Get Enchant Egg

Get an Enchant in the game to get this egg.

How to Get Sword Egg

Use a sword to get a kill.

How to Get Bed Egg

Break a bed to get this egg.

How to get Void Egg

While fighting other players, knock any one of them into the Void.

How to Get Titan Egg

Defeat a Titan to get this egg.

How to Get Large Egg

You need to win in a 30v30 match.

How to Get Tesla Egg

Use a Tesla trap and kill a player to get this egg.

How to Get Lucky Egg

Go into Lucky Block and start breaking lucky blocks. Eventually, you should get this egg. This is a chance-based spawn, so if you don’t get the egg leave and try again to see if it works.

How to Get Lobby Egg

bedwars get lobby egg

This egg is placed on a cliff in the lobby. Simply run behind the houses and climb up the slope. Go to the location in the above image and you should find the egg there.

How to Get Sky Egg

Use wool blocks and build it all the way up to the sky. Your goal is to reach the limit of the sky. Once it reaches that point you will get the Sky Egg.

How to Get Honk Egg

Type and enter “Honk” in the in-game chat.

How to Get GG Egg

Type and enter “GG” in the in-game chat. This works no matter if you won or lost the match.

How to Get Snow Egg

Buy a Snowball and kill someone using it. There is a catch here though, and that is, its damage is very low. So there are only two ways to get this egg. The first is to bring their HP very low and finish them off with a snowball. This is the recommended way for it. Or you can keep attacking them with snowballs until they die.

How to Get Betrayal Egg

You need to kill a friend to get this egg. You can either request a friend to play with you and kill them. Or simply join random strangers in games, add them as your friend and later kill them.

How to Get Halloween Egg

You will get the Halloween egg after winning a game when the timer is 10:29 – 10:33.

How to Get Easy Games Egg

While there is no confirmed method for it yet. Several players claim beating every game mode gets you the Easy Games egg. This excludes voice chat and ranked.

You should now have every egg from the Easter event 2023 in Roblox BedWars. Since you like this game you should also find our guides useful on its console commands and how to get void crystals.