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How To Get Acid Lab In GTA 5?

Here's how you can find yourself the Brigade 6x6, all the missions and hideouts to make bags of money through Acid Lab in GTA 5 Online.

GTA 5 Online’s Acid Lab is said to be one of the best MC businesses you can play in the game. From missions to rewards everything that Acid Lab offers is top-notch. If you’re planning to play the game it would be great if you read this beforehand.

How to Get Access to Acid Lab Vehicle in GTA 5 Online

There are 2 simple ways to get business in GTA 5. One is you simply buy them. However, when we talk about the Acid Lab business, you will have to earn them by doing a few challenges firsthand to start your Acid Lab missions.

Steps to Start Dax missions


  1. Go to R on your map, where you will start your first mission of six total missions
  2. The next 5 missions take place outside the freak shop
  3.  After completing the first mission, go ahead to D to complete five Dax missions

On completion of these six missions, your character will steal Bridage 6X6 and store it in the freak shop.
After this, you are remaining with just one step which is going to a rival lab in Los Santos and completing a quick forklift mission. After all this, you finally get your Acid Lab.

Start Acid Lab Mission

When you bring the Bridage into the freak shop after fork lifting, you’ll meet a guy Mutt who will set up the entire Acid Lab in return for $750,000.

Side Note – If you want to upgrade your Acid Lap, Follow these steps –

  1. Tell Mutt to upgrade your Acid Lap
  2. You’ll see more missions to upgrade your Acid Lap, 10 to be precise
  3. After completion, you’ll find that your Acid Lab is Upgraded.

After setting up your Acid Lab, Mutt will help you with supplies and production. Deliver it to the desired place and this is how you start your Acid Lab Business.

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gta 5 acid lab business

Perks of having an Acid Lab Business in GTA 5

  1. Second most profitable business in the game after coke.
  2. Unlike other MC businesses which cost around $75,000, the Acid Lab business will cost you $60,000 only.
  3. With an upgrade, your business with be 40% more profitable and could reduce production time by 30%.

How to make money from Acid Lab Business?

Without the upgrade, the Full 5 bars of supplies produce roughly $74000. To fill your Acid Lab, it will take 3.2 bars of supplies. When you steal the supplies, you make $38,000 per hour and when you restock them by buying, you make something around $7,600 per hour. It’s recommended to steal the supplies rather than buy them just like all the other businesses.

With the upgrade, Full 5 bars of supplies produce $83,800. To fill your Acid Lab, it will now only take 1.6 bars of supplies. When you steal the supplies, $83,000 per hour, and when you restock them by buying, you will make roughly $59,000 per hour. Upgrading your Acid Lab boosts your profit margin the money is skyrocketed.

This sums up how will you start your Acid Lab business in GTA 5, all the whereabouts of the missions, and how it is one of the most profitable businesses in the game.