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GTA 5 Online: All UFO Locations & Rewards

Here is where you can find UFOs in GTA V Online.

In celebration of Halloween, GTA 5 Online has an event going where UFOs spawn in different locations and you have to click their pictures. This is a great event to stack up on some in-game cash and RP. But driving around aimlessly while looking for them can take up your time. So in this guide let us check all the locations where you can find each UFO in GTA V Online and the rewards you get for finding them.

GTA 5 Online UFO Locations

gta online ufo locations

UFO Location Day
Paleto Bay 13th October – Day 1
North of Procopio Beach 14th October – Day 2
Mount Chiliad 15th October – Day 3
El Gordo Lighthouse 16th October – Day 4
Altruist Camp 17th October – Day 5
Silent Probe Mountain (Sandy Shores) 18th October – Day 6
Satellite Relay Station 19th October – Day 7
South of Fort Zancudo 20th October – Day 8
Grand Senora Desert 21st October – Day 9
Patriot House (Redwood Lights Track) 22nd October – Day 10
Farm off Baytree Canyon Road 23rd October – Day 11
Palmer-Taylor Power Station 24th October – Day 12
Paleto area 25th October – Day 13
Farm, Fort Zancudo, and Altruist Camp 26th October – Day 14
East Blaine County 27th October – Day 15
Land Act Dam, Noose Headquarters, Vinewood Sign, Galileo Observatory, and Kortz Center 28th October – Day 16
Throughout Los Santos 29th October – Day 17

After you reach the above locations you just have to take out your camera and start taking some pictures. But you can only spot them at night, that too only for a few hours. So make sure you reach these locations between 10 PM to 3 AM in-game and take these photos.

When you click its picture, you should get an option to send it to Omega. Send it and you will receive the rewards for them. Just make sure you don’t get too close to the beam when trying to click these photos.

GTA Online UFO Halloween Events Rewards

Each photo of a UFO rewards you with $15000 in-game and 1000 RP. The best part is if you play daily and manage to send 25 UFO pictures to Omega, at the end of the event, you will receive a Glow Believe Cap and $50000 in-game cash.

That covers this guide on all the locations where you can find UFOs in GTA V Online. For more help on this game be sure to check our GTA Online section.