Geoff Keighly Reddit AMA Uncovers That 10 New Games Will Be Announced At The Game Awards 2019

The Game Awards is less than a week away and there is a ton of competition with this year’s Game of the Year still in doubt, but most of all Geoff Keighly recently did a Reddit AMA in which he gave a ton of insights.

the game awards 2019

The main topic of the Reddit was revolving around the production aspects but some questions were more in-depth, which asked how the winners are picked and if Geoff’s involvement in games affects the decision.

Redditor u/MisterWoodhouse asked, “Do you feel that it’s a conflict of interest that you’re the producer of the event and in one of the games nominated for a good number of awards?” to which Geoff replied, that he doesn not have a say in the selection of games or the categories itself.

Tons of publications get together and then decide on the nominees and the final winner.

It is a really good insight into who the world of Game Awards and how everything takes place. One of the most interesting things was the fact that it takes about a year to figure everything out and then assembles it all out by December just in time for the award show.

Geoff also goes into detail speaking about how he always wanted a show for himself and the Game Awards gives him the opportunity to have something of his own, he also spoke on the passing of the torch in a decade or two’s time when the time comes.

One of the most interesting thing that was uncovered in the Q&A’s is the fact that there will be 10 new games that haven’t even been announced will be premiering at the Game Awards 2019.

But for any gaming enthusiast, this was a wholesome read which everyone should check out.

Geoff Keighly also spoke about Half-Life: Alyx and other things in general and you can check out the rest.

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