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Genshin Impact Yaoguang Shoal: Where To Find The Special Treasure Location?

The fourth day of the Lost Riches event brings new special treasure. Here’s where to find the special treasure location in Yaoguang Shoal in Genshin Impact.

With the currently ongoing Lost Riches Event in Genshin Impact, players can now collect special treasures at various locations each day. The fourth day of the event unlocks yet another special treasure hidden in the Yaoguang location. Similar to the previously hidden treasures, you need to head to the location, pull out your Seelie, and dig at the marked spot. However, if you are having trouble locating the exact spot, this guide is just for you. Here’s how you can easily find the special treasure location in Yaoguang Shoal in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Where to Find the Secret Treasure Location in Yaoguang Shoal in Genshin Impact?

1. Genshin impact yaoguang shoal

You will find the secret treasure at the location, which is just southwest of Yaoguang Shoal. You will find some landmasses there, and the treasure is right along the coast of the landmasses. It is to the southeast of the Wangshu Inn and Guili Plains. If you are not yet clear, refer to the below image for help with the exact location.

Genshin Impact Secret Treasure

Once you get to the location, you will find the structure given in the clue. Now, get your treasure-seeking Seelie and look to the west. You will find a yellow light emitting from the ground. Head there and dig the ground. This will spawn a marker right next to the digging position. Interacting with this marker will initiate a challenge.

Genshin Impact Secret Treasure

The challenge will task you with defeating three enemies, two Mitachurls, and then a Hilichurl Chieftain to be precise. You will have one minute in the beginning and defeating each enemy will add up another minute to the countdown. Don’t worry as it won’t be too hard to defeat the enemies.

Once you defeat all the enemies, you will get the secret treasure of the Yaoguang Shoal location containing:

  • Three Hero’s Wit
  • 60 Primogems
  • 30,000 Mora
  • Six Mystic Enhancement Ores

That’s where you find the secret treasure location in Yaoguang Shoal in Genshin Impact. While here, ensure reading our guides on how to complete the Entombed City Outskirts puzzle, get Noblesse Oblige artifact set, and get free Acquaint Fates for characters ascension in Genshin Impact. These guides will help you easily and quickly get some valuable materials and items in the game.